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  1. In the sections that I had used the phrase "pinned", I was referring to any general or proper method for the job that would place it in the correct "pinned" category of becoming one overall barrel. I do understand that rifle projects commonly have a true "pinned" brake or attachment of a device. I may have a chance to fire off two testfire V12 oem magazines today. Lastly, the US magazine baseplate is longer than the OEM Russian baseplate that comes from Molot. It is one solid slab of metal reaching about a few MM past and out of the Molot factory mag. I'd like to find out if anyo
  2. Is that "pinned", welded, or what? specifically... ETA: This is work that was either done by Molot or the importer. I have no clue which and have no desire to inquire about it. v12 factory perm1.JPG v12 factory perm2.JPG v12 factory perm3.JPG The seller stated : "there is no way to pin a muzzle brake onto a shotgun, the barrel is too thin. The only other way is welding or silver solder. We can do silver solder but it would be a lot more expensive for the labor and we would have to repaint the shotgun".
  3. Yes, the safety was inoperable. The FFL and I both observed. I have some footage as well, but it also contains serials private info. At first, I thought the runny paint was overspray that made the stock fixed. It is not advertised that his model has a particular non folding design feature. They offered the v12 to be touched up and to file down the weld so it is more flush with the barrel with free shipping. I am hesitant to let it out of my possession as long as it fires properly though. The little bar that works with the safety may have had trigger metal installation boogers in the
  4. This is a photo of the 2012 Atlantic model next to the newest V12 purchase. The metal bar is seen in the receiver for a comparison.
  5. Variations that were noticed throughout the two different builds can be seen in the photos. There is a particular feature that is included in this import 2014 model that has a relationship with the trigger, safety, and the folding stock latch. There is actually a metal bar that blocks the stock latch. The model has to be placed in "Safe" mode to fold using an internal sliding "blocker bar". This may be an importation law, but may be ok once it is in the states. The original vepr12 from 2012 could accept an aftermarket folding stock and did not seem to require anything more to fold or fre
  6. The seller and I are resolving any issues. It's Monday, and the safety was worked in over the weekend. This particular V12 may differ from the other vepr12 folders, but I have not seen much on these folding veprs. I am only familiar with the Vepr12 that Atlantic and all the other distributors were parting with in 2012. They were advertised with a fixed Tapco brand rear or solid wood stock.
  7. He stated it was now 922 compliant with the addition of a US base plate to the mag, which was out of stock. They said the 8rd magazine was part of the purchase. It is supposed to have the US base plate to comply. The 8rd is said to be sent after the v12 sometime.
  8. Fix? I cannot get them to return an email, text, or call. The FFL and those who saw it were quite amused though. It was embarrassing after all the praise I gave it.
  9. Hi guys, I am going to try and take notice here on the forum before a recent issue grows stale. This should have been an easy sale, but unfortunately things are not working out as well as they should have. Anyways, I recently took note of a highly regarded company that is known to build Vepr12 packages. They toss together editions of Vepr12 that have all the features we ask for, and we pay a premium for that. I purchased one this past month of June, when the time was financially right. This Vepr12 was delivered in the original box to the FFL. The FFL called me last Friday to
  10. Hi, Sorry, I was getting quite tied up in corresponding action with my sale items in expectations of this Legion build. My goal was to have a shorted folding Vepr that had the gas block 1913 rail, and the shorter barrel pinned with the 10 slot. I guess I can handle the new style of skeleton tube folder but am obsessing over adjustable rear ARfolders. The Bone Steel was really built well, but dug into my hand. I scratched that option and sold it for a UBR MAgpul "straight/fixed". The picture below with the Magpul CTR placed onto your Legion build would be what people call the "bees
  11. LegionUSA, Do you offer the fully decked out edition without the large GK-01? I would be interested in the package but with the Molot flashhider. Would the GK01 package have to be reheated and swapped, or do you build them, by cutting the original barrel and adding a muzzle device? Vepr 12 Tactical Shotgun GK-01 edition Legion flash hider below. http://legionusainc.com/molot-10-slot-flash-hider.html Thank you.
  12. I had the Bonesteel, but it was too low for me and the unfinished metal rubbed my hand which I could not get over. They did make a good product. It was just not my cup of tea. The Canis product looks finished and clean. Folding Factory V12 Russian is another easy choice too. ___________ The Rifle dynamics and PWS options are my choice for FIXED.
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