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  1. I've seen the M10 before. Loved the profile of the gas block. sadly, my pursuit is a 556 ak.... and I already have a 762. ive seen very few pictures of it, but supposedly there is a 556 version of the m10. I want that gun. http://www.atlanticfirearms.com/component/virtuemart/shipping-rifles/m10-762-ak47-rifle2012-06-24-08-23-5972990777-detail.html?Itemid=0 Atlantic Firearms has a misrepresented pic of the 762 m10... that's a 556 mag. their ad is for the 762, im trying to find it in 556. [note, my reason for liking this specific gun so much is because the front post is
  2. idk about you, but I assert myself when a company decides to change its contract. I also think I should be able to do my customer service job with an ak on my back. lol
  3. thank you for the encouragement! there are a couple companies that make flip to side magnifiers [basically copying the eotech idea] but then there is also at least one company that will sell the mounting rings without a magnifier. I have yet to see someone use two and mount a scope.
  4. While I respect anyone who will jump into the fray and do custom work on guns... I think Kalashnikov, were he still a young man, would beat you with a vodka bottle. It seems you really wanted a rear mounted sight... there's a certain dust cover, with rails, that can accept a rear peep from the same company... under 200 and you have essentially what you've already done. Idk why you're having such a tough time with making a left side charging handle, but I wish you the best. Im not saying what you're doing is wrong. I like it. Might not me my style, but I like it. That said, it'd
  5. Hey, I haven't Posted in awhile but I have a new concept build. I cannot say exactly all I'm doing ATM. Its legal, but a rather unique build. I want to make it a primary rifle, the trouble is I also want to be able to Id something at a distance. I've figured I could get a 1-4x scope, but mounting is the problem. I wanted this to be a "no batteries" build, but I doubt I could get around that. (I'm rattling things off my head, sorry if my thoughts are a tad confusing) I've looked at all manner of optics mounting on the Ak platform. I don't always need the optics on, because
  6. time to write to your congressmen and protest this. Don't think it can't happen. That's what everyone thought when the AWB was passed in the first place. lets get facts out there, and not let these idiots ruin america and our way of life as sheepdogs
  7. Some are saying it is a .223, the guy is the brother I already heard about the .223 stuff. Who knows about that. What I believe I just witnessed live on television was 4 forensic agents photographing a trunk of the black vehicle that may be the shooters. They shined lights on the car after photographing and an agent came over to pick up the weapon and cleared it. The agent removed the magazine and pulled back the charging handle. It looked unmodified. The bolt held open and the agent tried to force the action forward. Pretty typical for someone to do not knowing about the bho. The heli
  8. i am under the impression that LWD's conversion barrels allow you to just swap to a magazine of the specific caliber. Least, that's what I read. you can go down in size, but not up. SO, i figure any mag should fit.
  9. wow, now i actually want that. question, is the fal lower considered a firearm, or for FAL's is that the upper? Also, idk why some guy warned about catestrophic failure. all its doing is changing the trigger group, essentially. the sks should still fire consistently.
  10. http://www.lonewolfdist.com/UIImages/10000/LWDCatalog_2013_HQ.pdf Take a little look at their barrel conversion section in Lone Wolf Distributor's 2013 catalog. There is a 9mm conversion barrel they now sell. I emailed them and they DO have them in stock, 124.95 just like most other barrels they sell. This is fairly neat, as I've been thinking about getting a 10mm pistol, but also wanted a 9mm. Now, LWD sells a .40 conversion [as well as .357 sig and 9x25 dillion] but ive always fancied 9mm more than the high pressure .40S&W. Anyway,I thought I'd share as I'm sure there are s
  11. Oh, such sadness hits me this morning. I decided to click on a bookmarked link to 54r dot net and it was all about mosin barrels.. I have a counterbored rifle... I am told this shouldnt affect accuracy too much, it just saddens me that the rifling isn't exactly in never fired condition. Overall, the barrel is still fine, but now I know what to look for in the future.
  12. sure, i have a few photos posted here and there, but they are few and far apart in timestamp. i dont use facebook to communicate much, and really, its like my personalized hub of news about the world that i give a damn about. Which is either a)gun stuff, or humorous offensive images. Idk why people would put their emails, phone numbers, places of residence, work, hometowns, family... I mean, I've used that shit against others before as leverage to get them to think about who they were threatening. Too freakin easy to learn somebody's lifestory now. Hell, I refrain from putting gun pics up
  13. Oh, gotta emphasize something.. it is much darker than the finished product pics lead you to believe. Its a hunter green with a satin sheen. Still, it aint perfect. But im proud of myself
  14. If I remember right, 2-3 coats of stain, then 1 or 2 coats of the sealer, then 2 sessions of touching up the faults, then 2 more layers of poly wipe on. Yeah, I goofed. I was impatient at the beginning but wound up taking my time. All in all, this work spanned from Black Friday until last night. about 6 days i guess. Not bad for a first timer, eh?
  15. All Finished. This pic above is comparing the ready to stain stock and the unprepped handguard after cosmoline removal. The first couple coats took semiwell. Had bad lighting so i applied the first 1.5-2 coats of poly wipe on without realizing that the stock wasnt finished. No, it was not as half assed as the above. but the pic below was still unfinished. I think this was before the final coat of poly wipe on after id "touched up" spots with more stain [over 2 layers of sealer already] The bottom two are obviously the finished product. ...Would be nice if
  16. in my experiences, i have ALWAYS bought ammo for a gun i want to get. once i decide on something, i stay set to it. And its always nice to have ammo at the ready the moment you get the gun
  17. oh, i almost forgot to mention, used minwax pre stain [water based i think, dont know if i shouldve used that or the other one], then cabot natural wood stain sealing with minwax wipe on poly.
  18. damn that's nice. the stock is drying once more overnight, then 2 more coats of wipe on poly, then another 24 hours and ill reassemble it and share all the pic pronz [sorta documented my work] out of curiousity, should i look into a semi gloss duracoat for the receiver, barrel, and metal parts? im doing it on the next mosin i get [specific things ill be doing] but, well, i guess ill just post up pics before i gather any opinions. id go for a black, if there ever is such a thing as a shiny duracoat. just testing different stuff out. this rifle ive about finished is going to be completed wit
  19. Wait, so you didnt screw it on threads? That might help if you threaded the barrel. For my project i will have to do that.
  20. well i wouldnt be cutting anything up or welding anything. im currently working on an unrelated project [the stock to a mosin is being stained and is actually hanging a couple feet from me] but when i get around to it ill make sure to document and share, just in case anyone else is interested in the idea. how do you mean by "it came out pretty ugly"? just didnt match all that well?
  21. Hey, quick question folks: Does anyone know for certain what the surplus amd65 muzzle brake's threads are? https://www.apexgunparts.com/product_info.php/cPath/21_69/products_id/453 i hear the tapco extension on the rifles civies buy are 14x1 LH, and it would seem common sense that the surplus brake is threaded the same, but i do want to make sure, because i have this idea to [oh come on now, i cant tell you that.. nobody else has done this yet.. no its not going on an amd] and with those parts being 10 bucks a piece, i figure i could get a couple of them if my idea is correct.
  22. update: ive gotten my mind into Millet scopes. I have two in mind for two separate builds im going for. Keep a look out in the next few months for my name and my puppy's face
  23. crikky, is your area full of incompetent fucks who pass themselves off as gunsmiths? first you take it to one person, he tells you, no problem. then you take it to another and he trailer park hillbill it and calls it "fix", by polishing the face of the bolt. I mean really, where the hell are you finding these yahoos? dude, the only way to PROPERLY fix a out of spec (too tight chamber) is to take out the barrel pin, reposition the barrel using a GO gage, then check with a NO-GO, and then re-drill the barrel pin hole to accommodate a oversize barrel pin. I bet this yahoo didn
  24. Well, aside from having the finish done, this rifle is ready to go. Ive painstakingly polished and cleaned this rifle. I even readjusted the front sight to where it should be(appears to have been compensating for the bayonet, but ive got point of aim fixed) as for my plans after shooting, im going to get a brass stacker scope mount and one of those inch thick recoil pads to boot. I have a really important delima though. i want to choose a scope but, im having trouble with the idea. I've heard of needing "long eye relief" scopes for these rifles, but most of them are 3-9x and tha
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