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  1. I see on thier map the hogs skipped right over SD and went right to ND. Smart hogs. We love shootin stuff here.
  2. I was going to suggest a big potato gun...the huge ones. But I suppose that would be about the same as the paintball gun...
  3. There are probably tons of people that will hate us for picking up an Israel made Baby Eagle this weekend...
  4. Refugees should comprised primarily of women, children and the elderly and disabled men not fit for fighting I would think. As stated above, the men should be back fighting for their country and homes.
  5. Leggings... Just because you "can" doesn't mean you should... But for the few that can pull it off, I do "salute" them. ;-)
  6. If "they" say that we need to tone down rhetoric regarding muslims and jihadists (redundant I know) lest they get violent... Should we not be warning the dimocrats to tone down thier anti-constitution and anti-gun and anti-white guy rhetoric lest we be pushed into violence?!?
  7. I read a while back that chemically incurs sleep results in lest restful sleep... so maybe the whites in the study went to bed sober and the others did not...
  8. ALICE training.... I like it. Train them all like Alice and shooters and zombie alike won't stand a chance... canned good are nothing like Alice's abilities, but hey, gotta start somewhere.
  9. You know that if are fore fathers had AK 47 they would have used those instead of muskets . I imagine they would of loved to have a 249 SawHeck, they had personal cannons back then... sure, they would have like automatic weapons, but how many of us today have frigging cannons...
  10. Instead of spray paint, how about plasti-dip. Sprays on and you can peel it off. No need to worry about building up layers of paint. Just peel off the old and apply the new.
  11. Appease the greenies and use a reusable execution method...rope..guilatine...drowning...
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