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  1. I want to be friends with "MT Predator" lol - I like research and testing ranges.. retired at 45 due to disability. ex-LEO, security, no mil. Crime lab with research for a college. Was on the way to be a "Murse" at a major hospital before disability. I got the saiga 12 for 3 gun matches.
  2. a rose is still a rose by any other name.. I think "gun" is slang and shows lack of knowledge of the subject. I call it firearm or weapon, or refer to its 'tool' name - pistol, rifle, shotgun. It is a tool, there are bad carpenters that don't deserve to swing a hammer. All we can do is let our work speak for our skill and intentions. "This is my rifle, this is my gun" "This one is for killin', this one is for fun" "This is my rifle, this is my gun" "This one is for killin', this one is for fun" ...
  3. I see people carry their CC weapons in to the shows, those are the ones that are loaded and have to be cleared before entering. We have a dirt barrel that the pistol is supposed to be pointed in - but they don't use it lol. Those bringing in cased weapons to be sold or traded, yea - you should have cleared that weapon before you cased it.
  4. also those shells are about 1.5" long? so they won't even cycle from a magazine into the breech. You have to hand drop them in a open chamber. I would try them in a regular shotgun for emergency. Be aware the 'bullet' is a aluminum shell - not brass, copper, or plastic, - so not sure how that will scuff up a barrel. Take one apart ; ) I believe some will not even have any gun powder, just primer. emergency use...Although now I want to fire off a 20 round drum of 12ga flares ....
  5. wag the dog wag the dog - look - AWB! (hides debit ceiling raise)
  6. raped the shit out of Dick's (sounds gay lol!) - $3.99 12ga slugs Tru-Ball 5 rnd - no limit. No 5.56mm seen. 7.62x39mm 220 pack about $175.
  7. ammo - Dick's sports - Truball (federals?) 12 ga 2 3/4 slugs - $3.99 for 5 rounds. No 5.56mm til march but they will continue to sell firearms and ammunition. Maybe they will ban the Mississippi arms barrel shroud for the Saiga 12 - I got mine $99
  8. better buy it - they are running $1,200+ around here
  9. I sold my GSG5, it was a POS, the design had issues. But I like where this thread is going - switch to a different caliber until this shit blows over (or up?) and .22lr is reasonable. I am waiting for a 3 Gun Match to come to the club - I want to see if the turn out will be less since the ammo 'shortage'. Oh yea - I will definitely start picking up brass on the range. If I don't use it, it might be good for trade..
  10. yea I wished you fired it stock - so you can baseline how the saiga 12 works prior to any mods, then you do one mod at a time to test it out. I don't have a low-brass kit, so can't comment.
  11. hey can you explain the sight failure? I use sightmarks - I stopped using the $34 ones, the $99/4129 ones ( copy of the EOD halo sight) - more protection around the sight.
  12. Sitting on it until I find resupply - 12ga, 5.56mm - both out or doubled in price. not funny at all.
  13. same here 5.56 is bad/ one box - no box. I shoot 200 rounds a pop, where will I get it now... I can't see why a company like serbian PRVI/Igman - a foreign company is losing profit by not ramping up production - like they care about US policies. Is ammunition being stopped at the border?
  14. some people asking about this - bumped.. Good job, nice pics!
  15. Well - you only shot it once - try it a few more times. I notice my hold on the Saiga just had to be centered on the forearm - I use a Mag Well Grip on the AR I normally shoot - so it was a matter of habit to shift my forearm hold forward. I too would not try a plastic pistol grip on the aluminum forearm rail - there is not much for those to 'grip' on the rail, it can fail. Keep working it. Otherwise, just switch to magazines - you will still have the fastest reloading shotgun...
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