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  1. New Saiga 12 owner here, and I picked up a couple of ProMag 10 round magazines. Like most, I am experiencing where the back of the magazine doesn't click into the release catch. I have read that they come with instructions but my magazines didn't come with any. I emailed ProMag, and here is the reply that I received... Okay, I tried pulling the magazine in tight, but that didn't work. So, if I am reading this correctly...I need to file the area just under the magazine catch on the back of the magazine? Like...increase the space between the bottom of the rear magazine catch and the metal clip on thet back that acts as the feed lips? I may be making it more complicated than it is, I just don't want to screw up a new magazine to where it cannot be used. Thanks for any help, I looked all over the place for exact instructions and came up empty. I am sure I am just missing it somewhere.
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