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  1. Im sure they'll hold up when u see it in person not alot of metal was removed its about the same size that is removed on the right side so the safety can move up and down when the stock is folded up.
  2. Jeluvsk here is the part you have to grind down on the underfolder so it will clear the MSA mag adapter
  3. The underfolder stock set $49.99 I bought that from copes distributing you will see it under AK 47 rifle parts its on page 3 then i went to gun broker and bought a romanian underfolder rear trunnion $27. I used my buddy drill press to drill all the holes and a dermal to do the clean up and you have to remove the scope rail mount, I used a 5/8 drill bit to drill the big hole for the underfolder. The reason i used the bulgy underfolder is that u have to remove a little bit of metal on the left side of the underfolder so it will clear the msa mag adapter. ill put up some pics of it when i get hom
  4. I used a Bulgarian underfolder
  5. and she ran perfect and fired off 300rds. The only thing I noticed with the AR 15 Mags is the one's with the black followers they sometimes double feed or doesn't feed the last 2 or 5rds towards the end but other than that the one's with the green followers went off perfectly. I love the Underfolder stock installed im glad i did it, Accuracy test Rapid fire and shooting folded and unfolded Had a great day at the range Thank you MSA for such a wonderful product!
  6. took me about 5 hours of work with a drill press, I used the underfolder trunnion as a guide where I had to drill my holes then used a dermel to up the holes I made. Heres a pic of before I started drilling
  7. Yes it does I even had to remove a little bit of wood off the fore grip so it will fold wall the way up How much you want for it! lol not for sale
  8. thank you datastick what you said is true becuase i am thinking of putting a ak 74 breake on it lol
  9. Yes it does I even had to remove a little bit of wood off the fore grip so it will fold wall the way up
  10. I removed the side rail saw a video on youtube where the guy said he had to remove his side rail on his wasr 10 because the underfolder was hit it. Ive also been looking at the TWS dust cover
  11. here my saiga 223 with underfolder stock and MSA AR 15 mag adapter
  12. hey guys been MIA for awhile but I finished my saiga 223. I put an underfolder on it and she is using the MSA AR 15 mag adapter here 2 pics of it taken from my Iphone.
  13. you get her running with the cheap stuff yet? been thinking of getting mine cut also just kinda low on funds right now.
  14. was reading on another forum seems like someone just got theirs from MSA. http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=301184
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