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  1. Thanks guys! It's truly a labor of love... or OCD. I'm currently turning the factory "rail" into swiss cheese by drilling and tapping three more hole in it to mount a full length 12" rail on top so I can mount MagPul backup sights. After I do this and I mount the flashlight/laser, she'll be ready for the prom and I'll post some more pics. It now feeds Winchester SuperX 000 and slugs like a champ from any of the three 15rd. mags. Any low power or easily deformed hull shell ("the Bears") do not perform well. But because of the cost of ammo, I'm also playing around with the idea of han
  2. Now if anyone has one with a BHO, a non-adjustable gas plug, and a modern gas puck... just to confuse things further
  3. My guess is that the receiver was a 1993 that Izhmash exported in 2001 with a modern gas tube, hence why it still has no BHO.
  4. Yarp... for better or worse, I enjoy the tinkering... getting it just so. And truthfully, what good is a weapon until you can get it the way you want it and 99.9% reliable.
  5. Or maybe the guy is just trying to figure out when the first one was imported or who all the importers are? Unfortunately I never bought a .410 so I can't play along Not a registry... just a history. The Saiga 410 has several quirks about it that are not really documented anywhere. That makes finding parts or the right parts difficult. This is mainly to help new owners figure out what they got based on what others have. After gathering some information I want to outline a generation break-down of what was offered and when for the Saiga 410, and possibly a guide to help in updating,
  6. 63 views and no one entered any information...
  7. The Saiga .410 is the first shotgun imported by Izhmash and their second AK-style weapon after the 7.62x39mm. But the question comes up about the generation dates and specs of the Izhmash Saiga .410. I was hoping we could compile a list of specs from our pool of .410s to get a better idea. Suggested format: Manufacturer Year (Prefix): 094 Importer: Big Bear Arms, Dallas, TX (1993-1994) Import Year: No stamp Gas Plug: Single Setting Gas Puck Style: Old Recoil Spring Dust Cover: None Bolt Hold Open: None
  8. Weird... I assumed the post-99s were "GEN2", with later the "GEN3"s adding the BHO. It may be that the importer got or had a 1993 receiver with the newer gas tube... dunno.
  9. Sorry, I was at work on break when I said that and had 5 people asking questions when I was trying to respond. I meant BHO Lever. It would be nice to have a LRBHO!! My lab can be a madhouse at times!! No Worries... I got excited I want to make one... but need to do more research.
  10. LRBHO? Are you sure? If you put an empty mag in and draw the bolt back, does it lock on its own?
  11. Now the final piece that was bugging me was... no BHO. Well... can't have that. So I ordered the lever and spring, did some research and proceeded to drill and sand. I also had to sand down the hammer to allow for the BHO lever to sit next to it. Then the real problem came... the GEN1 requires a much longer latch to lock the bolt... well... my slack ass can't weld... yet... so I broke out the torches, hammers, and anvil. I then hammer extruded the lever as much as I could. After cleaning and sanding, I installed it and... well... It could be longer and thicker... but couldn't it al
  12. Well I've been meaning to post this for a while now, but unclejake's post spurned me on... hopefully it may help him and others. -Warning- Many pictures lie ahead Well I got my Saiga .410 at a gun show, fair price... completely stock. After finding this site I discovered that I had a 1st generation Saiga .410 from 1994. And that it's an oddball shotgun compared to it's younger siblings. First, a non-standard sized, non-adjustable gas plug and gas piston/puck... none sold that I have found will fit the GEN1's smaller gas tube. ...and no Bolt Hold Open mechanism So af
  13. Yarp... I've been meaning to post my write-up... I can only speak to GEN1 S410s, but the rear shell has to be dremelled and the OEM stock screw is in a different position.
  14. SUREFIRE GUN MAGS will be your best bet if you can find them in stock somewhere, The factory ones are best I've found but due to 922, in my case, SFG mags are the better choice of the US models. Saiga stock has a few in stock, as well as the modified factory 4rd mag that takes 2 1/2" shells. http://www.saigastock.com/index.php?main_page=advanced_search_result&search_in_description=1&keyword=410&sort=20a&page=2
  15. Most in likely since it's post-99 it's a GEN2.
  16. You can replace the trigger group for two points unless you do a trigger conversion... then you can score three.
  17. If you have any settings you should be good to go. I will have to say that replacing the hammer/main spring did wonders for mine.
  18. Make sure you don't have a GEN1 410... the pucks and plugs are not the same,
  19. I can't tell... is it binding on the trigger lever when you push it down?
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