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  1. Stock Arsenal SGL31 brake. I concur with your comments, but this isn't my rifle and I won't be around to clean it. I'm wondering if there is anything that can be done to help the inevitable (and obvious) result. The owner of the gun in question travels 2-3 days at a time for work with little to no notice, as in the phone rungs and he's gone starting right now. I can see the gun not getting cleaned for a few days due to this. Trying to figure out how to help the situation if at all possible.
  2. of 7n6 Would someone with first hand knowledge give me some input regarding the suitability of powder coating or cerakoting the muzzle brake and gas tube on a Saiga 5.45 ? This gun will see a continual diet of 7n6 and at times it will be a couple of days to over a week before cleanup can be properly done. How hard is it to get cerakote or powder coat inside the muzzle brake and gas tube ? I know the outside will present zero problems during application, but the couple of people locally who *think* it can be done say it might turn out half assed at best. Looking for some thought
  3. 7n6 isn't bad, but Silver Bear is more accurate and non-corrosive. I'm not afraid of the clean up with corrosive, but if I can avoid it without spending a huge amount, I'll do it.
  4. Thank you sir, that's just what I needed.
  5. Can someone point me to a pic, I've searched with several queries and still come up blank. IP Boards search functioanlity is lame.
  6. I can do that but it will be this weekend before I have a camera, mine is on vacation with inlaws. I would suggest a left folder because it is on the opposite side of the bolt handle. I would suggest a right folder because it folds to the side oppiste the optics mounting rail. I went with a Chaos quad rail so I would rather block the sight rail on the receiver than have the folder on the bolt handle side. The hinge tucks up nicely to the receiver and doesn't stick out like an abomination, so either way it will be compact.
  7. Mine took about three weeks plus shipping time to arrive. Their webpage has a note about how slammed they are with orders and states orders will take longer than normal to process due to the volume. I didn't like the idea of waiting either, but I'm 110% glad I did. I will most likely order one or two more soon to go on other guns and expect a long wait. It seems like everything in the gun business worth having is back ordered right now, so Bonesteel is no different than everyone else in this regard. Hang in there, it's worth the wait.
  8. I am trying to remove the rear sight on my S12 and it isn't moving - period. I have tried drifting it out, (tried both ways and nada) with a punch, clamping on it with a set of hydraulic jaws and trying to hammer it out with a ball peen and some other stuff that didn't work. I pulled the gun up under the light with a magnifier to get some measurements off it to see if the dovetail was tapered or ??? and in the process see two small pins (look almost like whiskers) that are attached to the bottom of the sight and appear to be attatched at the base of the dovetail... looks like two littl
  9. I picked up a Galil style left folder and a left folding collapsible AR stock from Bonesteel. Took the guns to the range today with both mounted to see how I like them, I have to say the fit and finish on both is simply excellent in every respect and I doubt I will ever buy another brand of (crap) stock again. Simple to mount, rock solid as hell, functions perfectly... in short, they work great and the whole experience with them has been zero bullshit from square one. Don't hesitate, spend the bucks and don't look back, worth every cent in my opinion. Now, if they will just
  10. Thanks for the ebay suggestion, I'll try that if I can't find some from a forum vendor or other reputable source.
  11. It is for me. Pertinent, helpful suggestions most welcome, blatantly irrelevant personal observations aren't.
  12. I wasn't going to laugh at that, but damn I had to, getting the redistribution of wealth all at once isn't easy
  13. I picked up a Chaos rail from one of the vendors here. When it arrived, I see it doesn't come with rail covers... damn. Where to find ladders to fit the full length of the Chaos std rail ? Cheap is good, as they won't be seeing much (if any) abuse. Using retard politician grade math, I can see somewhere in the food chain of those who make rail covers there must be one seriously rich individual. .50 cents worth of plastic (if that) for $12 and up ? That MUST be more profitable than selling anything else gun related. Have the chinese infiltrated every other market on eart
  14. My opinion matches this exactly.
  15. www.wildwestguns.com Love them or hate them, they do make an interesting lineup of guns.
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