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  1. I agree, looks good and while that is important, its definitely not everything. It has that MOE look to it, I'll hold off...
  2. Anyone have an experience with one of these on a Saiga?
  3. I can't believe what is happening right in front of our eyes... You can't buy a hi-cap mag right now since these recent events have evoked panic! If you do find one you will pay 5x what it should cost. I know I should have jumped on multiple 40 round metal mags for $20 at my local gun shop. They raised their price to $35 and still sold out on MONDAY! As was stated, hopefully cooler heads will prevail when the dust settles; I am just not so confident with our current president. Its a shame because I was looking in to actually making my first AR purchase before all this happened a
  4. I actually looked at a Caldwell today...looked pretty good. Especially for what I may actually get to use mine for. Theres all kind of ways I could attach a sling to the bipod itself. Harris is the best, so they say, and what you want if you have mission critical hard every-day use. Caldwell is a respectable chinese knockoff of the Harris that is built quite well for hobbyist use. I love mine. UTG makes scrappy cheap chinese knockoff of the Harris, for use only rarely and treat with care.
  5. Thanks for the replies everyone. I am not tooo concerned with accuracy...first run x39 mostly Saiga here, but want to hit at 200 yards. I could go swivel mount but ereally don't want to loose my sling mount up there; anyway around this? What should I lookout for regarding the bipod itself...any features/brands you would like to comment on and recommend (or not??)
  6. Can you elaborate why?
  7. Pics? I have now decided I need another mount for my red dot...can anyone lay claim to the lowest mount? With the 'low profile' UTG mount my cheek weld still suffered greatly with this cheap red dot I have. (obviously the red dot in not in these pics )
  8. Just getting into bipods for the x39 and want to hear your opinions...pros and cons of barrel mount versus other types of mounts? I am looking one to shoot off a bench and prone on the farm. I'm leaning barrel mount so I can swap it to my Nagant and other rifles...
  9. Me too...the day we become an unarmed society is the day SHTF... I, unfortunately, am not so positive it won't ever happen. Nothing to go by but a hunch but I am just not confident with our current president.
  10. That does look badass...what was the pricepoint? Threadlocker is your friend!
  11. Looks good! I bought the same one and installed it along with my red dot. My mount was slightly (1/8") off center (to the right) but didn't seem to make a difference. Hold zero pretty well but I CAN NOT use the irons with the red dot mounted. The mount itself is great but the flat mounting surface of the red dot blocks the irons. Make sure you get proper rings!
  12. I just bought the same one...here's hoping, at minimum, its centered on the gun and, wishful thinking, I can actually use the irons sights like they claim.
  13. Well, I picked up a dust cover mounted scope rail today but after some research am taking it right back...looks like I'm getting two 'standard' side rail mounts; one for red dot one for scope to keep them both zeroed. Gimme your side rail mount recommendations.
  14. $218 with what shipping charges? I'm picking up 1k either from you or SGAmmo along with some 7.62x54. Mine was like $22 for 1k shipped UPS. Nice, I'm picking up 880 rounds of x54 ammo as well and maybe some 9mm
  15. Any pics of your setup? I am leaning towards two mounts for scope and red dot (for fun) so I can stay zeroed. It is looking like I'm either shooting scoped or removing for iron sights. Pics? Very curious about the cheek weld... Hmm...haven't done much searching yet but I would be open to the Texas Dogleg. What is a round about price for one of those dust covers for the x39? Yeah, I am not a fan after looking at it. The iron sights are not what I had invisioned and I totally agree lighter and fewer over what he has equipped there.
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