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  1. I have three surefire gun mags for the Saiga 410, 15 rounds. Two are new in the bag, one is opened, barely used. All in great shape. $150 shipped for all three.
  2. How about $200 shipped? Or possibly trade (if anyone wants to) for two MD Arms drums?
  3. I have a Saiga 12 barrel for sale. Off a new model IZ109, so its length is 19.2" or so. The gun it came from was a 2012 production one, so it has the most recent updates to the barrel. It was not used, this barrel was replaced with an aftermarket barrel. So it is in new condition, but it was installed on a gun before. Just the barrel, no gas block, thread protector or any other parts are included. If you've looked into it you know these are not available as a spare part, except pulled off a gun. Already drilled for 4 gas ports at the factory, the ports have not been altered from how Izhmash m
  4. I talked to the owner, Paul. Turns out he is local to me, here in Colorado. He has a web site, iccmfg.com which is evolving. He has the 12 inch barrels now, with the shoulder for the gas block for that 2 inch pistol piston shown on the web site, or the shoulder can be turned further back to work with the Tromix shorty piston. I am planning to have him put one of his barrels on my shorty Saiga, when that gets done I can offer an evaluation. One thing you can do to offset the cost of the barrel is to sell the factory one. I plan to do that.
  5. I saw on Gunbroker that someone is listing new US made 12 inch Saiga barrels, not drilled for gas ports yet. They could be a US made part for section 922® purposes, but the main benefit could be that there are no old gas ports to deal with when scooting the gas system back for shorty guns. I am excited about a new option being available.
  6. This gun has the K-Var handguard on it. http://www.k-var.com/shop/SG-022.html
  7. Here's a $140 Russian 8 getting thrown around.... I don't discriminate Good looking magazine there!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. The best thread I found for this was here http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/38318-sbs-technical-info-thread/ To answer your questions: you can shorten the stock tube the bolt carrier piston runs in, but you'll run into trouble with the bolt carrier hitting the ribs. You can try to open it up, but it's easier to get a new piece of tubing. Typically you remove the piston end of the bolt carrier. Tromix makes, and CSS sells, a shorter piston to replace it. I think that gets you about 2". If you want to move the gas block even further back than that allows, you have to make up
  9. Guns with electronic triggers, rather than mechanical triggers are made. Remington has or had the 700 EtronX rifle. A number of target pistols with electric triggers are made for Olympic "free pistol" competition. I don't see why yours would be a problem, in itself. As others have noted, if you do the setup for a semi-auto gun, and just holding the switch will let it fire multiple times, that is something I would expect to be treated as a machine gun by the legal system and by ATF. However, if the setup is for a gun that does not automatically reload itself you're fine. And if it's for a
  10. Awesone gun. What did you use for the piston tube, the pipe that encloses the bolt carrier? I know the carrier won't fit in the ribbed part of the factory tube, so I think most people who move the gas block back (which means more of the carrier ends up in the tube) replace the factory tube with a piece of tubing. Dimensions on what you used, or did you repurposes something for that role? I am trying to gather ideas for a build. What to do with that part is a factor. I would love to see some pictures of the bolt carrier as well, as well as the gun field stripped.
  11. The serial number written on the stamp doesn't matter. As long as you wrote the serial number correctly (i.e. the form matches the gun itself) when you filled out the form, you're good. The writing on the stamp is how it is 'canceled' the way any used stamp should be, per federal law on revenue stamps. The writing on the stamp doesn't have legal significance. In the past they canceled checks by stamping the date of approval on them, and also by initialing them in ball point pen. I have a few with no cancellation on them. I am sure in the more distant past they did other things too.
  12. Your gun was imported by Tennessee Guns Inc., in Knoxville TN. It says TGI, not TBI, although it may well be hard to read. If your serial number started with "09" your gun was made in 2009, as you note. Sometimes they sit for a while at the manufacturer before being sold.
  13. My understanding is that the thread for the gas plug is M22 x 1.0. You can find taps in this thread on ebay, and probably other places. I can't believe the block is beyond repair. No one currently imports spare parts for the Saiga 12 shotguns. Finding a gas block is going to be hard. It makes much more sense to fix/rework the one you already have. BTW, does your gun have a 16" barrel for real? Are you in the USA? In the USA, unless registered as a short barreled shotgun, the barrel needs to be at least 18 inches. And if it is registered, why not cut the barrel down further?
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