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    Believe it or not I am a calm man, easy going, love reading, writing, antiques, art, music, firearms, archery, prepping for the zombie apocalypse (and any other apocalypse), fishing, technology, movies, live performances, knives, axes, hatchets, spears, war hammers, chainsaws, and just about anything that offers me a chance to learn something new.
  1. These rifles are flat out gorgeous! I have the 16" Saiga 308-1 that I updated a bit with new handgrip, butt stock, Z-Bolt green laser, strobing tactical flashlight, mil-dot scope. It is a bad ass rifle. But, I always wanted a VEPR 7.62x54r with 20" or longer barrel! I also have anise converted Saiga 12. I should post picks of my toys but get nervous with Big Brother Barry Odumbo in orifice, err office. He and his merry band of butt plugs make me sick. If I had my way it would be open season on libs and all Constitution haters!
  2. Wish I could have bought this! What a great deal! I do have a converted 308 and would love to Kushnapup it! Looks great in that stock! Guess I just need to pony up the bucks at K-pups site!
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