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  1. Im looking for one of the recoil pads for the AK100 Poly folding stock that allows the button to be pushed while installed. Also looking to get a front latch for the S12. Shoot me a PM with what you have. Thanks
  2. I have a couple 1911 parts for sale from a fullsize Springfield 1911. Springfield .45 Barrel - 5" with link, pin, and bushing, low round count. $105 shipped I.L.S. mainspring housing assembly. Allows you to lock your 1911 to keep the slide/hammer from being cocked. Comes with everything needed to put into your frame. $45 shipped shoot me a PM if interested
  3. Im looking for a AK47 parts kit for a project i want to build for my dad. I have a new P13.45 Para 1911 double stack frame im looking to trade if theres any interest. Frame is in the raw but is 100% so I would need to be transferred through an FFL. It comes with one new magazine and a trigger. If there is an interest pm me and we can work out something. I have some other 1911 parts as well.
  4. if you refer to the previous thread about this you will see they are being fulfilled as they come available. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/84046-agp-magazine-availability-update/ As for you card being charged, mine was charged as well and i ordered on the 10th of Jan. If your really wanting mags i would just sit tight and wait for them to show up, there is no ban as of yet, so your order is expected to be delivered. If something comes to light and the orders are not fulfilled, then i would expect a refund.
  5. I had this same thought, i know it wouldnt cycle a semi, but they could be handy in a SHTF situation if you needed to ignite something from a distance?
  6. i ordered some 12 rounders from the estore yesterday, $45 each. they are out of stock today though.
  7. Updated Price, I will take $110 shipped i can take Discreet paypal + fee
  8. Not sure if it has been posted yet, but my friend sent me a link to this video by Sheri of Noveske rifle works. Some good shit
  9. Still available until the 25th, after that i will be out of state and its going back in the closet.
  10. This... If you have multiples and could ditch your least favorite rifle to get one to expand your collection, it might be worth it value aside. If you decide to go for the trade, Just be prepared that the saiga may require some fine tuning.
  11. Yes they will, my card was charged a couple days after I placed my order. And the only discounts are for quantity. 10-99 gets you 20% off
  12. What is done to the saiga 12? And what accessories does it have? If its just a basic conversion with some mags, my opinion the AR10 is probably worth more. But it's hard to say without seeing both weapons. The saiga 12 is a great weapon, but you have to remember, before all this drama a base unconverted saiga was roughly $650, add maybe $200 for conversion parts, and whatever else $$ wise.
  13. good to know, i ordered some on the 10th, i dont mind waiting as long as they actually show up
  14. Im interested in the 10 rounders, i sent you a PM
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