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  1. The reforms tabled included: Further ammunition restrictions, Firearm Ownership and Loan Limits: Maximum loan of 2 firearms per year, maximum ownership of 10 firearms. Firearms Trading Restrictions: A private Individual would only be allowed to buy, swap, or sell a MAXIMUM of 5 firearms per year. I think California is doing well. It's not like anyone needs a semi-auto, or 50 guns. 3 guns are good enough for me to hunt with.
  2. Brain washed also.................... From shooting.com.au: " A step towards a country free of gun violence, look at the US, theres atleast one massicre a year because there is no form at all of any gun control. Registration allows knowedge of who has what, its intended use ect ect, if you were shot but someone with a 9mm, the police figure out its a 9mm, without registration it would be impossible to check which LAFO's in the area/who you knew had a 9mm. (granted the shot would have been an illegal weapon but the point still stands). Im all for registration/licensing ect, perha
  3. And most Australian gun owners think that way. That's why I plan on traveling overseas for shooting purposes
  4. Here's an exerpt from a member on another forum in regards to semi-auto firearms: " You'll never get semi auto's back. People who actually need them have them e.g. Defence/police/professionals What does the average joe need one for? If your popping off rounds you ain't gonna hit shit and if you shoot slow enough to hit something, it ain't any faster then a pump or bolt. If all you wanna do is fire off heaps of rounds fast then your just wasting ammo and money. If you wanna play with some cool guns go join the army and do something useful a the same time. Otherwise realis
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