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  1. Training Rifle. Garage sale find. 20 bucks. Figured I can't go wrong Training rifle. Garage sale find. 20 bucks. Figured I can't go wrong
  2. Thank you. Love your products
  3. How's it going. Any eta when I can grab one?
  4. Best thing to do is pick it up and toss down your basement stairs into the concrete floor. No more worries.
  5. That's actually in Germany or Prague. I was there. You can txt a number and it will piss your message in the water.
  6. I think last weekend would have been it. If not I'd love to go!
  7. I think the files are having a shoot in June. Buy a box or two of ammo someone may have what you want. Go up and talk to them see how they like it n tell em hey I got the ammo mind if I give it a whirl
  8. You eat the yellow jacks? Heard people say they're good I've heard people say they're bad eating? Tons of fun regardless. Cut the tail for any reason?
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