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  1. Thanks Cobra, and everyone for your replies. Yes, I agree the product will definately be worth the wait. I just got a little concerned when I read another thread here that Paul hadn't been heard from for a while. Paul, It's good to hear from you. I kind of fiqured you were just really backed up with work and I knew someone on the forum would be able to let me know your status. Don't worry about trying to rush, or answer my old emails. If it takes another month, or even two, that's alright. I just wnated to make sure everything was still in process. Best regards to all, Tim
  2. I spoke to Paul on the phone in late September and agreed to send him my bolt/carrier and fire control group for his standard "Glass Bolt" + trigger work. I shipped the parts on September 30th, signature required, and my check was cashed in early October. That is the last I have heard from him and he has not responded to a couple of e-mails or a voice mail I left for him this year. Does anyone know what his status is? It has been about 4 months now since he cashed my check. Thanks, Tim
  3. Does anyone know what the present backlog is on getting their parts completed by Pauly's Stealin? I sent my Saiga 12 parts to Pauly's on Sept 30 and still have not heard anything. I have sent a couple of e-mails and gotten no response. ......starting to get a little concerned.
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