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  1. I did a search and came up with the same answers as everybody else. My budget at the time did not allow for the cost of Iron Wood Designs stock kit so I made my own. Worked out great.
  2. I bought 5 of the Keep Shooting 5 roundes ( http://www.keepshooting.com/saiga-12-gauge-5rd-magazine.html ) and have put hundreds of shells through them without a problem. And at $13 it's a steal!
  3. Nemo61066

    Range day

    Well I took the Saiga out today and tried out my new Tac 47 auto plug. It was easy to tune, turned 1 1/2 turns and fires everything from #8 through slug perfect. As a test I emptied 3 boxes of misc. shells in a bag and loaded up mags, worked flawless. I also shot my MD Arms drum for the first time it worked great, awkward to shoot but fun. The saiga got alot of attention at the range today and converted a couple of haters.
  4. Yes spring in second pix is correct.
  5. Just got a 20 rnd MD Arms drum last night. So my answer is 1.
  6. I'm looking at getting a kick-light stock, found a decent deal for $60 at local gun shop. Does anybody have one or know how they perform?
  7. Nemo61066


    Do you have a good quality drill bit?
  8. What/who has been chewing on that hammer? Time to sharpen the beaver teeth that has been knawing on that thing.
  9. My local gun store repriced the Saiga drums they had in stock, from $89.99 to $199.00 and 10 round mags from $39.99 to $99.99. For that price it will stay on the wall.
  10. I got tired of looking for a nice wood furniture set at a afordable price, so I made my own. I have more work to do on making the colors match but feels good shoulderd.
  11. No 10 or 12 rounders yet. I have my eye on a Promag 20 round drum at local gun store that's marked wrong, $49.99.
  12. Forgot to add, I bought 2 5 round mags from keepshooting.com, they worked great! best 11.95 mags I ever bought.
  13. Wood furniture looks nice, more upgrades will have to wait till after first of year. Took it out for test firing after conversion and barrel chop today. 10 rounds of 00 buck, 25 rounds of #4 shot and 50 rounds of #7 1/2 shot wally world crap, functioned perfect. The saiga is putting in a strong bid to replace my 870 as go to gun.
  14. About done, keeping it a simple build. Just need to figure out what I want to do for a stock. Before: Almost done:
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