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  1. "Call me a jerk, but I prefer to eat where the staff are white kids, I don't like non English speaking people trying to take my order." That makes two of us. The degradation of society seems to be accelerating. I get students in my classes from 16 through low 80's in age. Ethnic groups have patterns of behavior. The ones from the India/Pakistan region generally do not want to follow instructions and will try to exit early and make their own rules. Negro women are smarter than the men mostly but not by much. (That group has always been the last to finish written exams, missing the most answers and not being able to follow directions with multiple steps.) Asians are generally smart. Caucasians older than 30 do well up to 70 or so. The Hispanics are a mixed bag. I prepare my own food at home. Cheaper, healthier and I do not worry about a SJW planting something on my burger.
  2. Lots of broken ashtrays, vases and spirits strewn about, methinks.
  3. Congratulations to Mr. Trump and his team. For the first time in 8 years, I feel our government coming back from the brink of irrelevance. My question is where Rosie, Babs et al are moving to. Maybe Michael Moore has some property in Canada. Good riddance. Going to be fun watching SNL do this one. Hey Alec, are you up for it?
  4. Very interesting. Liberty for all and mind your own business. Harm no-one. Robot rules. I do agree w/ VR6-be aware.
  5. I propose some entity create a map that J Q Public can access to record the location and address of muslims. So far, none in my neighborhood. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Be proactive.
  6. Aw, he was just a donuffin good boy trying to protect himself from The Man.
  7. Door to door virtuous extermination. Remember, the Crusades were started by the French Pope.
  8. "...at 13% of the population, it wouldn't take long to solve the whole issue" Hmmm. I don't think the entire 87% would join in-most of society is too sheepish. How much have the super rich negroes given to their downtrodden brothers and sisters? Black Ops. Think about it.
  9. As expected, The Punk has called for more gun control legislation. The shooter was homosexual and black. Add those qualifiers to the deny purchase list. Yeah, right.
  10. Caring or not is a feature of higher life forms such as mammals because we can vocalize and express our instincts with language. Why does the hen protect her chicks. Love? Caring? Nope. Just instinct driven by millions of years of survival of the fittest. Evolution in the most basic form. And guess what, the hen doesn't care why she tends to her brood, she just does.
  11. Perhaps it is time to start our own data base containing the locations of any person of that persuasion. Strictly word of mouth, NEVER shared via the net. Trusted "sites" only. No talk with the spouse! Flash drives must be secure. Watch and learn from them. And when Mickey's big hand is on the....
  12. Bersa Firestorm, Springfield GI, Ruger P97DC. The Ruger for hot weather CC with the Bersa a very close second. The 1911-A1 also converts to a Roland-great for pigs.
  13. I'm extremely pleased with my Bersa BP9CC. Accurate, sweet trigger with short reset and no malfunctions after 200 rounds. Corbon powrball. Hood vermin and foxes showing up on the daily dog walks.
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