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  1. Super Moderator New River, please confer with your 'BUSINEES' member if this is the direction you want to go. If so, I'll be taking my business elsewhere. This was an excellent discussion about how the V12 works. Now you've stepped in over a trivial offer to help someone out and killed it! I've bought from 5 of the members (C.S.S., Atlantic, Bonesteel, SGM Tactical, CHOAS) because they have supported this site and the information here was excellent. Since PapaZoro has left the discussions here have been lacking in quality, now something good comes along and you're killing it. Run y
  2. A clarification? The items without an asterisk are NOT on a Vepr-12? (1) Frames, receivers, receiver castings, forgings or stampings * (2) Barrels * (3) Barrel extensions (4) Mounting blocks (trunions) * (5) Muzzle attachments * (6) Bolts * (7) Bolt carriers * (8) Operating rods (9) Gas pistons * (10) Trigger housings (11) Triggers * (12) Hammers * (13) Sears (14) Disconnectors * (15) Buttstocks * (16) Pistol grips * (17) Forearms, handguards * (18) Magazine bodies * (19) Followers * (20) Floorplates * So here's the pieces for our Vepr-12: (1) Frames, receivers, receiver castings, f
  3. Anyone ever use one of these Kobra Red Dot AK 1C-03 Rifle Scopes on your V-12? I see Atlantic Firearms has them in stock.
  4. I found these Truball slugs very good. http://www.federalpremium.com/products/details/shotshell.aspx?id=396 There is a rebate for them also, 60c per shell with rebate: http://www.cabelas.com/product/Federal-Truball-Rifled-Slugs/730944.uts#BVRRWidgetID
  5. A year ago I had never shot a gun in my life. The world has changed so much. Sunday night I finished putting everything together and I like it! I started with one of the first 1000 imported form Atlantic Firearms. Added a Bonesteel folder, Chaos Quad rail, GK01 Muzzle, Hogue Grip, Surefire p2x light, Grip Pod GPS-02, and a Beamshot Laser. I'd like to add a Leupold shotgun scope, anyone know if it will work?
  6. I just put a Houge grip on mine Saturday, I had to buy the small trap door for the bottom of the grip separate. It was a difficult item to find. I would of expected it to be included with the grip.
  7. I'd like to know more about that front site also please.
  8. kuston

    my new vepr 12

    Bigd, I've been looking for a cheek pad like that. Can you help me out? What brand/model? Where did you get it from? thanks.
  9. Is Chaos Rail for the Vepr 12 available yet? I keep checking the web site and don't see it listed anywhere, even under the "top secret" area. It seems like months ago the photo of it was posted.
  10. http://www.luckygunner.com/12-ga-2-3-4-00-buck-9p-1-18-sellier-bellot-250-rounds Can someone help me figure out if this ammo will work for 00? The box lists dram as MAX, what is that? I see the weight is 1 1/8 but how does one find the fps? Anyone ever used this stuff? I'm thinking about buying a case or 2, would like to be sure it will work before I buy.
  11. 3Gun, I liked that FAB Defence PTK so much I ordered one. I wasn't expecting it to come from Israel. So now that's its here, how in the world did you mount it?
  12. I have a little advice for these vendors then. They already have a base of clients, most of you all. The only way they are going to grow thier business is from new customers like me. The first time gun owner who's looking for help, advice, experience. Pappa had tons of all it and he was sharing it. Ban him and people like him and I have no reason to be here. Its really that simple. Run your businesses anyway you want, I run my business to be the best.
  13. Muffman what is the mod you are talking about?
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