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  1. Nice, I just ordered 2. When will you guys start selling 10 round mags again?
  2. Alright guys, I took a couple weapons to the range a few days ago including the Veper 12 and I think Atlanticfirearms is right about the eotech being mounted to far foward. I took the sight off this last time I shot and the weapon performed greater than I expected. The Veper 12 also had a CSS clone of the GK-01 I had added since the last time I shot and was using a 12rd mag to include my 5rder. I shot about 200 rounds ranging from 7 1/2, 00 2 3/4" and 3" to high velocity slugs. I expected the federal 7 1/2 shot to jam up a bit at least but I didn't have a single FTE or mulfunction of an
  3. No one has been flamed for asking legitimate questions on how to fix problem with their firearms. A few questions... have you taken apart the gas tube and checked inside to make sure there are proper gas ports? Have you changed out the stock? The stock on mine was less then desirable making the weapon uncomfortable to shoot. loose grips or holds on some of them have proven to cause FTE issues. have you ensured the dust cover has the tab rear to prevent it from popping open? If it does there is obviously a problem and im sure some one will be around with suggestio
  4. I called atlantic and they told me the problem may be my eotech mounted all the way forward on the top rail. Sounds ridicuolous to me. I'm going to try shooting it again after christmas with the eotech all the way to the rear and then without the sight on at all. I will have to call tgi for warranty work which sucks because now i'm paying out of pocket for their mistake.
  5. Went shooting today to break in my Veper 12. I hesitate to call this "thing" a firearm. When shooting birdshot, FTE almost every round. I understand the low pressures these rounds create, doesn't allow the weapon to cycle properly. I didn't mind much, was expecting it, but was kind of hopefull of this "awesome" weapon everyone was talking about to work well. Now to test out some 2 3/4 00 buckshot. FTE about 6/100 rounds I shot. Different brands fire better than others, I know. I was breaking it in, so I let it slide, maybe this weapon just needs to be shot a bit before it works bett
  6. Thanks for the replies. Something like this sks? http://store.carolinashooterssupply.com/servlet/-strse-1577/MOLOT-GK-dsh-01-VEPR-SAIGA/Detail looks very similar if not the same, cuts on side look a little bigger than the one in that picture. I read an interesting article about competition muzzle brakes some russians were using, only problem is that they are custom made and not for sale for the most part.
  7. I'm planning on buying a Firestorm Muzzle Brake. Does anyone here have any experience with these? If somebody has a recommendation for a better muzzle brake I would appreciate it. The reason i'm choosing this one is that I heard it was effective for the price. I plan on cutting the barrel down to 14 in then adding the muzzle brake. If I do so, does the muzzle brake have to be welded on since it would be under the 18 in legal limit. Also is a barrel locking nut required or could I just screw the muzzle brake on the thread tightly? http://bonesteelarms...rake-12gfsb.htm
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