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  1. Thanks for the advice. Sorry to delay, but just got my computer back from repair. I'll try using the dented brass. IMR 4198 sounds good. I also use H4198 for my 45-70 and that has about the same burn rate. Thanks for your help.
  2. After shooting my S223, I can definitely agree that these puppies are loud. Haven't had a chance to verify the muzzle flash because it's never been dark enough when shooting. Like my experience with the Saiga, I'm also a newb to reloading. Because of the 16+ inch barrel, could the flash and sound be lessened by using a faster burning powder? I figure at least less unburned powder/ejecta being thrown out will cut down on the flash. At the range it is not a problem, but could be in dark, confined places. There's no point in reloading until I get the AK cartridge dent problem fixed. I'm trying some vinyl auto door edge trim on the aft end of the ejection port since I'm such a cheap SOB. Will see how well that works and holds up tomorrow. Thanks for any advice you all might have. No one needs to give me specific loads since I don't want anyone to be exposed to liability hassles. Just tell me what powders work well for you and I'll get the manuals. Have a good weekend.
  3. My bad. Meant to post this in the reloading section and had a brain fart. Thanks for your patience.
  4. In my first post, I made a reference to the wrong thread. I meant the "Did I Makea Big Mistake with the .223?". As far as the "Should I sale my.23 Saiga", I hope people are as cool to me if I/when make a mistake. I've bought a couple of SGM Tactical 10 rounders from calegalmags.com. I think I'll just stock up on those for now. I'm going to buy a bullet guide and temporarily install it so I can reinstall if needed in the future. The TAKD B.A.S.T.A.R.D. looks interesting, especially with the LRBHO. But the time down for installation and the cost will make me put that on the back burner. I'm interested in being rigidly flexible. If a source for mags dries up, I want to be able to go to another source or type of mag. Thanks for all the advice everyone. I'm enjoying the Hell out of my S223.
  5. I'm really impressed with how helpful everyone is on this forum. I read the "Did I make a mistake with the Saiga 223?" topic and that was inspiring enough to make me want to be a nice guy. I can fake it. But it brought up a few other questions. What are the most easily bought 223 mags that will work on a 223 Saiga? I also followed threads on converting Saigas to accept 223 mags so that isn't out of the running either. Lastly, if I install a round front trunion bullet guide, can I still use mags with built in bullet guides like the OEM one? Bear in mind that I live in California so I'm restricted to 10 round mags. I've seen 20 and 30 round mags with rods riveted in fore and aft to restrict them so there's possibilities. Take care, everyone.
  6. Got her done yesterday. I do have a sight tool like yours. I took your advice and used a bench block for my 1911 to support the muzzle end. After some more tapping I tried the sighting tool. After tightening it up and then a couple of more turns I took a break because I wasn't getting anywhere. Left the tool on. I returned after about 30 minutes and tried a couple of more turns. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition! The windage drum gave and I was able to remove it with the sighting tool. Maybe the constant pressure for 30 minutes did the job or the thing just got sick of me. Apparently, Patience IS a virtue. Have a good weekend.
  7. I figure our rights won't take care of themselves and one shouldn't complain about a problem if one is unwilling to help fix it. As far as surgical tornadoes go, we should be so lucky. Besides, they'll just be regarded as victims and there never seems to be a lack of replacements. I'm afraid the commies are beyond help. I'm concerned for those who believe them. Thanks for the encouragement, it really helps even more than the technical advice. Good shooting to you too.
  8. Sorry Sgt. Raven, I wasn't very clear. I need to drive the old windage drum out to replace it with one that's threaded for a XS Systems tritium Big Dot. Their front sight post uses different threads so I need to change windage drums. I have a sight tool like the one you pictured. It's sold by UTG and is supposed to be reinforced. I'm worried that I might still break it since I have the manual dexterity of a crow bar. I just wanted to tap it loose and then finish with the sight tool but it won't budge. Man, these Saigas are built tough. I've used enough Break Free to float Kim Kardashian's behind. Should I try using a heat gun? Any advice is appreciated.
  9. Could the pioneer stock be adapted to fit a 223 Saiga? I'm not afraid to hack wood or fill it with bedding compound. I've heard one piece stocks tend to be more accurate than separate forend and butt stocks. Such a stock might make it possible to move the trigger group forward and still be CA legal since I won't need a pistol grip. Plus I think that stock is really good looking.
  10. Oh great, now you've done it, gentleman. Now I want to get the Vepr and I'm going to blame you . I'll be looking forward to this coming Fall. The main reason I was contemplating a barrel/caliber change was in case no more such carbines will be allowed in CA in the future. I'm joining Calguns and CARPA to try to help prevent that. Not goin' down w/out a fight. I agree w/ your assessment of the 1911. I believe in Murphy's Law: if I have the carbine I won't need it. I worry that the next major earthquake to hit California will happen because I didn't rotate/update my earthquake supplies. One last question: How hard can I hit that @%#&$* windage drum without breaking the front sight block? I do believe that you drive it out from left to right. Oh and sorry about the exploded diagram question. I didn't completely RTFI in the Saiga manual. Sometimes the best place to hide something from me is to put it in front of me! Take care
  11. Thanks, mancat for the word. I've been going slow because I was waiting for the fire lapping ammo to arrive. Maybe I'll cancel the order since they say they've been held up by shortages. I'll be playing with groups using different ammunition this evening. I'm installing a XS Tritium Big Dot front sight fight now. So I'll be sighting her in anyway. As far as changing barrels, if I ever do, what about swapping in a Saiga 20" .223 barrel? Thanks for saving me a lot of blood, sweat and tears. My Saiga ain't broke so maybe I should just enjoy her as is.
  12. Another Newb here. I wasn't looking for a Saiga originally but buying one made a lot of sense. I was originally looking for a semi-auto home defense shotgun for "just in case" home situations. However the Saiga was about half the price. I live just outside of Los Angeles and that had a profound effect on my choice. The Republicans got their butts kicked in the November 2012 Elections and there's a supermajority of Democrats in our State Legislature. I thought that it was a good time to get my first "black gun" before possibly having the choice taken from me. A local gun shop was selling Saiga .223's with the 16 inch barrel for $439 (US). One thing I'd always respected about Kalashnikov designs was their absolute reliability and ease of maintenance. Just what I want when my home security might be going to Hell on a rocket sled. I'm also happy with the way she handles and mounts to my shoulder. I read the certifications that came in the box and found that my Saiga shot a 137mm group at 100 meters before being passed on for shipment. 5 moa is not exactly a confidence builder. I understand that for my initial use, the ranges are not that long, but in a suburban home defense situation, with my house having walls about as strong as a wet paper bag, a miss could be as dangerous for the innocent as a hit would be for an assailant. For now, I'll experiment to see what ammo she likes best. Improved accuracy is definitely an important issue. If I can get groups half that size, I'll be happy. I'm not afraid to modify a firearm but being a Law Abiding Citizen in California limits my choices. I'd like to improve the trigger/FCG, but being limited to 10 round magazines, I'd rather go with a non-fixed magazine than a pistol grip. I'm following information I've found on this forum and elsewhere to improve the factory trigger group since conversion is out for me. I'd also like to fire lap the barrel using David Tubb's Final Finish bullets. It has worked well for my Marlin 45-70 but I am not sure how it might work on chrome lined barrels. I'm going to call the company tomorrow to find out but if anyone has tried it, I would sure like to hear about it. There's more options for me with the forend, according to California Law, as long as I don't mount a projecting hand grip. I'm looking for something that will mount lights or lasers, maintain ergonomics and if possible, improve cooling. I like the Galil style forends but don't think there's room for both my hand and necessary lights/lasers. I also like TSS's AR style forend but am open to recommendations from you experienced people. Lastly, and lowest in priority, how easy is it to change barrels and calibers on Saigas? Eventually, I'll get the shotgun and then I won't have to have my Saiga be a one trick pony. I'd like a thicker, 20 inch barrel for greater efficiency and accuracy. I also want to explore converting to a round that will still fit the Saiga's magazine, action and bolt face. I've heard good things about the 6.8 SPC, but would look at the 6.5 Grendel or 6x45mm. Don't know if the 450 Bushmaster would work but if it did, I could at least share bullets with my 1911. I have an 18 inch 30 cal barrel blank with a 1 in 10 inch twist. If the new barrel was thicker, would I need a new gas block? How tolerant of different gas pressures is the Saiga's gas system? Could you modify a gas block from a .308 Saiga for the Remington 30 AR? I'd need to find a good gunsmith who deals with Saigass. Can anyone recommend any in California? Lastly, where can I find an exploded parts diagram for my particular gun? Sorry to lay all this on you all. I joined this forum a few months ago and have been looking around first to avoid asking questions that I could answer myself. There's so much information here and so little time! The only thing i hate worse than dumbass questions is asking them. I appreciate your patience. I really enjoy my Saiga and this community of people who shoot them. Thanks for any guidance you all can give.
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