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  1. broke down and got the red but that shit was 10 bucks...weak. and bought a new pipe cutter for the muzzle brake install and the wheel folded on me before i got 1 revolution..bad day i guess.
  2. hahah you guys are funny..its fine im just a worry wart..
  3. well at first it fit but was REALLY tight. i put it in as far as it would go the lightly pounded it on the carpet to get it in all the way..i decided it was too tight and took it out and sanded it. im just wondering if it was enough to spread the reciever or mess it up in any way. it looks fine but im just curious..its my new baby..haha
  4. hey guys so i just finished my conversion will have pics tomarrow. i have a question though, so i installed the kvar warsaw stock and it was a really tight fit so i put it in as far as it would go and pounded it in on the ground..it was still too tight so i took it out and shaved it and now it fits good, my question is can you hurt or bulge the reciever by pounding in a stock like that. it looks fine but im just wondering?
  5. haha ya i bet you would like that...im keeping them ill do with blue.
  6. thanks, no need for drama. this is the place i come to to get away from everyday stress and drama.
  7. oh my god...i know how to get loctite free. im sayin i have 290 green and blue gel, low on funds, cant afford red, would a good alternative be blue gel or the 290...........................................?
  8. ok guys 1 more question so i dont have any red loctite and thats usually what i use in this type of application (bullet guide). what i do have is loctite 290; the wicking stuff, and blue loctite jell. will the blue or green 290 work ok or should i get red again. funds are low so im trying to use what i have for now.
  9. those look good olly. you need to give me your lower hangaurd retainer..haha..jm.
  10. yes i agree..and jetmech sorry for being a dick.
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