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    S-308 accuracy vs. M1a

    As with any rifle ammo plays a big part in accuracy. Def. go with a .308 if you've got the dough. The mags are a little pricey though. That's the only draw back. I've got 3 factory 8rd mags and 2 of the surefires that are like 30 or so at near 50 bucks a pop. 5 mags are enough for me considering I don't shoot it very much(ammo is too expensive to blow).
  2. Buzter

    One Stop Shop

    I got my .308 at a gun show and got all the parts their too. I think they were all from the same company. DPH arms. That's who I got all my stuff for my ak romanian "G" build too. They have alot of stuff too including the sure fire mags for the .308. I just got 2 a couple of weeks ago. They weren't cheap though....ch-ching.
  3. Buzter

    Safety Problem

    Yup, I actually went ahead and bored out and actually trimmed the spring. Worked for 2 yrs. so far but, I haven't fixed the safey yet. I look one at every gun show I go to but never can find one. I guess I need to get the welder out.
  4. Buzter

    The Guerrilla Sniper

    Hey, where'd you get the gorilla mask? I could do planet of the apes for halloween.
  5. Buzter

    thread adapter pics?

    anybody have any pics of the dinzag 308 threaded adapter?
  6. Buzter

    thread adapter pics?

    cool! and that thing won't fly off?
  7. Buzter

    What is the big deal about modifying your Saiga

    I did it mostly because I didn't like the feel of the stock or the crappy trigger that has to pulled up instead of back. It looks kinda weird too.
  8. Buzter

    thread adapter pics?

    Yeah, I saw those. I just wondered if there were some others. Maybe, of a full rifle pic or something. Thanks.
  9. Buzter

    This is the tacked 308 picture thread.

    How does that scope work with that stock?
  10. Buzter

    tapco G-2?

    Wait until nazi pelosi has her way with us. It will probably got alot more complicated. Is this a joke? You are asking compliance and conversion questions?
  11. Buzter

    Cheap and Fast Cheek-weld solution.

    just take a big glob of play-doh and stick on there.
  12. Buzter

    Mini Thirty or Saiga x39

    mod a saiga. Pretty much any ak over a mini.
  13. Buzter

    Buy Saiga 308 flash suppressor

    I think I'm going to go that route. It seems to be the easiest at this time. It would be nice if there was a one piece fsb and muzzle attachment.
  14. that's a good attitude, life is too short. guns are cool. Part of the liberal brainwashing. Get ready for another good dose. Yeah, I love it when hunters (read: people who only own bolt actions, but fellow gun owners, nonetheless) think any "assault weapon" should be banned because it's not "sporting." Last I checked, the 2A doesn't read "...the right of the people to keep and bear sporting arms..." This behavior baffles me, to say the least.
  15. Buzter

    Bought 2 SAIGAs

    It's really not that difficult. I just did mine. The only difficulty I had was in using a g2 fcg instead of the rsa for the 308. I finally got it working but the safety has to be replaced or another tab needs to be welded on the safety. The pistol grip is the easiest part. That slit is the factory trigger hole for the neutered imported models. I just looked inside mine and it already has the square hole for the PG nut cut out on the forward end of the small trigger slit. You should be fine for strength if you cut it out. The way the nut sits in there with an overhang around the top side it's not going anywhere. Just don't overtighten it any more than necessary and use a threadlocker.
  16. Buzter

    T6 on a saiga 308?

    Has anyone used a T6 type stock or a regular ar15 stock with an adapter on a saiga 308. Can it hold up to the recoil? I want something adustable I can use for different optics so I need an adjustable stock.
  17. Buzter

    Lets see you S-308

    Just wondering when you put the g2 kit in, since the spring in the disconnector is a different size what did you do? thanks
  18. Buzter

    New Rifle Need Scope Advise

    I did the same thing. I actually got a shotgun scope from wally world. It's made by tasco and it costs about 36 bucks or so. You'll definately need the long eye relief variety. I just got a T6 stock so I hope it still works.
  19. Yes, we're jealous. I'm going to try the modded m14 mags first. I'm just curious how they work. I just like the look of the m14 20rders.
  20. Buzter

    T6 on a saiga 308?

    I got a T6 and saw grip today. I also got a tapco fcg to put on tommorow. All I need now is a muzzle attach.
  21. Buzter

    Who had the pin-on muzzlebrakes forthe S-.308?

    Ditto on that..
  22. Buzter

    Lets see you S-308

    Ok, how did they get the flash suppressor on? Is that the tapco forend for saigas?
  23. Buzter

    T6 on a saiga 308?

    now, if I could just figure out what to do about a muzzle attachment.
  24. Buzter

    Where's all the cheap .308 ammo?

    I got one of the 140 rd. packs 2 weeks ago for 40.
  25. Buzter

    T6 on a saiga 308?

    I have one. it holds up well enough. Mine stays sturdy with the receiver. But thats mostly due to the way I installed the screws onto the rear trunion. The stock will move about 1/8 of an inch at any length of pull and rattles when you walk with it(this is just like any other AR-15 crappy collapsible stock). I would have rather just gotten an ACE folder, but being able to move the stock is nice. I like to shoot standing with the stock shortened, from a benchrest with the stock fully extended. The further my face is away from the sites the better the groupings. here is a pic on my .308 Thanks bro, that's pretty tight.