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  1. i stippled my polymer handguard from arsenal and i love it. i was running a rail for a little bit but i really prefer the weight of the polymer. the cheapo rail i was using put too much weight up front.
  2. now can anyone tell me what i need to do to make it FOLD? that would be sweet.
  3. just installed this baby. feels super sturdy, no wobbling at all. great cheek weld and good sight picture with irons, though i will probably need a riser if i start running an optic.
  4. I wouldnt be surprised to see a ban on high cap. magazines very soon. It seems to me that mental health is getting a good amount of attention in this most recent massacre, so maybe will take some heat off those damn assault weapons. I also think that the fact that all these guns were purchased legally in a state that has an AWB in place already will possibly help deter people from thinking this is the problem. (but may make them decide an AWB is not enough...) I think it's highly unlikely that we will see a mass "gun grabup" If the feds managed to get a bill passed outlawing firearms and dema
  5. In China its pretty common for psychos to go into grade schools with machetes and wreak similar havoc. We need to get our shit together with regards to mental health... as, no doubt, you have to have more than a couple of screws loose to go down that road. just happened today, 20 dead in knife attack at school in china.
  6. Security to prevent mass killings needs to stop people well outside the building. The finger print scanners are useful for somethings but a motivated killer can get past those. i agree but at the same time i dont believe a school should resemble a prison.
  7. my niece and nephew attend a preschool that has a fingerprint scan in order to gain access to the classroom are of the building. you have to be registered in the computer in order for the door from the lobby to open to the hallways. Im sure this is expensive, especially considering the amount of doors on a school building.
  8. It doesn't take faith in God to know that you don't shoot kids. He has killed plenty himself. I do agree with you that the moral fabric of the country is crumbling. You can blame lack of faith, MTV, video games, weed, justin bieber. My vote goes with lack of INTEGRITY and personal RESPONSIBILITY.
  9. now saying 3 victims in hospital. not confirming if they were children or adults.
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