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  1. Lightly used 338 spectre (less than 25rds fired). Built with an A1 upper receiver, MOE full length handguards with light mount (light not included). YHM 338 FH with QD suppressor mount. One Barrett 6.8 Mag two ASC 6.8 mags. Charging handle, bolt carrier, 100+ pieces of brass, and hornady reloading dies. Was over 900 for the build. $600 shipped. Email ttilley8868@gmail.com for more info. Need to sell to buy safety equipment for work.
  2. Found my solution...sell it. Going back to irons. Irons work best for me
  3. Took my Saiga 308 out to the range today. Unfortunately, I had only had 20 rounds of 308 (worst part is there NO more on island). But here's my problem, I ran out of adjustment for my scope. I know to loosen the screws and adjust from there. Problem is at 100 yards, im still about 1 1/2 feet too high. And in my scope, I only see the top chevron at the very bottom (the rest of the reticle is gone from the picture). My scope is the 8x Weaver Mount POSP on the Texas Weapon System Rail Dust cover. Any solutions? I spent some serious cash on this scope and a little frustrated I couldn't get
  4. She is finally done...with the exception of the Accushot Monopod for the rear. Hopefully there will be range time in my future!
  5. Went with the Samsung Galaxy S3...should be here thursday!

    1. Rottieman33


      I have 1 love the phone

  6. Getting ready to change Cell Carriers...now the big question is HTC One X or Samsung Galaxy S3?

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    2. AK Gun Man 88

      AK Gun Man 88

      found out I actually qualify for Obama phone.


    3. drkstrw


      Galaxy S3 best phone i have owned to date

    4. JC GoF

      JC GoF

      Galaxy 4 comes out next month

  7. His 308 FCG...by far the best trigger pull on any of my guns. Even my friends are amazed at the trigger pull on the AK.
  8. Would it work with this setup? RAM trigger guard with the pistol grip nut "hump". This particular guard allowed me not to drill a hole for my PG nut.
  9. Any one ever use this for their 308? It has an adjustable palm rest. I have seen the ERGO version, which would fit with the AR15 grip adapter on a normal AK. I don't think the ERGO set up will work with mine as I have the RAM trigger guard and all in one pistol grip nut. Just curious if anyone has used the Mako Sniper Pistol Grip.
  10. Here is my 16" 308. -Carolina SS Quad Rail -SGM Tactical Muzzle Brake -KVAR Warsaw Buttstock -Dinzag FCG -Magpul AFG2 -TWS Gen2 Dust Cover with Peep Sight -Hogue Pistol Grip -RAM Trigger Guard -SGM 20 Round Mags Still to come -XS Threat Interdiction offset sight -6x POSP Weaver Mount Scope (backordered right now) -Streamlight strobe/flashlight -Ching Sling It's heavy compared to the AR-15 but not as bad as my M1 Garand. And before someone screams Mall Ninja, one, all my AR-15's are A1 configuration (no tac-rails or optics), and two, this is my Saiga and I will do as
  11. Started my conversion yesterday...holes drilled, paint drying...soon as i get off work stock will get fit...pics soon!

  12. Got a quick question for you 308 owners. On my 308, the pin that holds the bolt limiter on the recoil spring guide is pretty loose. I can center the pin, but as soon as I work the action, the pin wiggles out halfway. It never has come out completely (I think the pin's travel is finally stopped by the dust cover. Just curious if it supposed to be like that? Im getting ready to install TWS dust cover with Blackjack buffer so I wont need to worry about the limiter issue.
  13. Got all my parts in except the scope from Kalinka. Come on day off so I start this thing!!!

  14. Wish I had signed up to this forum and found out about discount before I put in a huge order to CSS. Next time however!
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