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  1. HighCaliber762

    Picture Post, Lets see your Vepr-12

    Mine so far... Tromix G2 Tromix extended charging handle CSS Puck CSS Raptor with cheek rest w/ 1" Ace pad Removed tang and added internal receiver block Push button folding mechanism Poly-Choke II CAA pistol grip Molot competition magwell Ram mag extended release Handguard picatinny mod MagPul AFG Just waiting for the Chaos Vepr 12 quad rail and then it will be complete. I think...
  2. HighCaliber762

    Help me slog through 922r

    My understanding of 922r is that only the lower handguard/ forearm counts, not both. If your using all Russian parts, why would it matter if your using a 5 round Russian mag or an 8 round Russian mag? As long as all the parts are foreign? The 8 round "high capacity assault clip" (stupid idiots) makes the firearm non-sporting. Again, my understanding is that the ATF considers any shotgun with more than 5 rounds of magazine capacity to be non-sporting. So yes, he would have to change out enough parts to get to the no more than 10 imported parts threshold. Is there an ATF letter on the Vepr12 to put all this to bed once and for all?
  3. HighCaliber762

    Chaos Vepr 12 rail.

    I've been eagerly awaiting this announcement. Thank you Cameron!!!
  4. HighCaliber762

    Canted Top Cover, and warrantee issues

    I got my gun back from TGI on Friday, a total of 8 days from me and back again. Rear sight and dust cover rail are straight like they should have been from Molot. TGI was great to deal with and now I'm a happy camper. I love this frickin gun!!!
  5. HighCaliber762

    Canted Top Cover, and warrantee issues

    I don't see any burrs when I look at it, like I said in the previous post it's difficult to capture in photos. It seems obvious when shouldering the shotgun. Besides the rail is canted as well. TGI contacted me today and will be sending me a FedEx shipping label for them to repair it and return it to me. They are stepping up and fixing it as they should, this is unacceptable on a $1000+ shotgun. Thanks for the help though.
  6. HighCaliber762

    Canted Top Cover, and warrantee issues

    Hello all, I ordered through MAA (they were awesome to deal it, BTW), picked it up yesterday. Rail is canted to the left, rear sight appears to be canted to the right. It's hard to tell as I've been looking at it and finger banging it almost constantly since picking it up. I tried to capture the cant the best I could in photos. And one with the black weapons... I've already registered it with WPA and contacted TGI on the issue, awaiting a response. This thread has helped immensely with the cant. The community has helped to set me back a $1000+ with all of your beautiful and sexy weapons. I just had to have one. Thanks guys!!! All a great firearm, would do it again in a heartbeat.