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  1. Great point. With the SGL 12-09 the hammer fit in perfectly with out modification and no slop. If it did not have the BHO i do believe it would have had some slop. Dvepr Out
  2. Thanks for sharing the info, I have the SGL 12-07 so I assume I will need to go through the same setup, you went through. I would actually suggest using an unmodified DOUBLE HOOK Tapco G2. It allows for simple and reliable trigger over travel limiting. It is not at all hard to mod it yourself. Look at Gunfun's pics. I used the Tromix G2 trigger and it dropped in perfectly.
  3. Thanks for sharing the info, I have the SGL 12-07 so I assume I will need to go through the same setup, you went through. Yep. Its reverse from every video I have found. The trick is to remove the pin holding the hammer. I used needle nosed pliers to lift the retaining wire off the pin. Also for reassembly putting the selector lever in first helps hold the BHO lever in place while your installing the pin for the hammer and BHO. Good luck. First time took an hour to put it together the 2nd time took 5 minutes. The dental floss trick to maneuver the BHO spring helps. DVepr O
  4. Maybe Cameron at Chaos will develop a Vepr 12 drum......
  5. I replaced the trigger and hammer. The SGL 12-09 has an interesting retaining pin setup. I had to remove the hammer first, then the trigger and the selector lever last. The Tromix trigger and hammer dropped right in without issue. The Krebs safety lever needed a little filing but works great. What a difference the Tromix G2 trigger makes....
  6. Hi I am looking for some 12 and 20 round drums for the Vepr 12. Is anyone making or developing these drums? thanks DVepr Out
  7. I installed mine. If you excuse me, I need a moment...... Cameron, have you considered providing a tube or adding a back section to the top mount so it fits into the ridge of the tube where the standard plastic top guard sits. Please let me know if you need a alpha tester.....
  8. I pulled the fire control group from the FIME SGL 12-09 to replace the Selector lever with the Krebs Enhanced Safety Selector. Since the trigger is out should I put in the G2 trigger? I have no experience with the G2 vs the Russian SGL 12-09 trigger. Any sugestions would be appreciated. I dont need the trigger group to be 922r compliant. thanks DVepr Out
  9. Where do I send my money.... The subject is Here.... I need the quad rail....
  10. Has anyone found a source for a quad rail? thanks Doug
  11. Does anyone have an update on how/if K-Var is handling the claim that the SGL-12 has a 922r compliant trigger guard? Specificaly; "SGL12-09 This 12-gauge features a Picatinny Quad Rail System – designed for military and law enforcement -- is also made in the US. It has CNC machine precision technology and is made from aircraft-grade aluminum. The rail system allows for accessory attachment including flashlights, foregrips and sights. Russian 12-gauge shotgun that incorporates a mil-spec original Russian buttstock, the new generation SAW type Russian pistol grip, and all the reliabilit
  12. So is the only US part the quad rail?
  13. I am glad I got mine from Arm of America, who only had a small price increase.
  14. I just found out that the SGL-12 sold by K-var does not have a 922r compliant trigger, even tough it was adversised on the K-VAR site as having a 922r compliant trigger. So I am going to be putting in a trigger group. Are there any other parts I should look at replacing while I am doing the trigger group? I already have a Krebbs safety lever that is going in. thanks Doug
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