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  1. Received my parts today from the Oregon DOJ. No work done to them and I'm out over $200 but my gun works again. I'm stoked!
  2. Just received a call from a lady at the Oregon DOJ. My parts still exist, no work has been done but still great news. Should be receiving the parts along with restitution for payment. Thought I'd share, was amazed there weren't any other comments about this already. EDIT: HAHA, on my phone some of the latest posts hadn't shown up. So obviously others have commented.
  3. Sent mine February 2013, really excited about seeing this thread tonight. Fingers crossed! The S12 was my favorite until it became useless.
  4. Does anyone have a last known location or jurisdiction? Thanks.
  5. Quite frankly, I'd prefer an F U right now as opposed to this silence or this everyone will get their parts back but I'm broke mess.
  6. Been waiting since February 5th of last year, picked up another Saiga 12 this past week to hold me over until something happens :/
  7. I actually just installed the poly side folder on my 103. Not as bad as I thought it was gonna be.
  8. Any reason I can't do an AK104 from the stock 16" saiga?
  9. Finishing up an AK103 conversion next week and picking up a dimpled saiga this weekend in stock configuration except for bullet guide is installed and mag catch is filed for $425. What are some other interesting conversions that I can do? Preferably realistic to actual Russian weapons. Just needing some ideas.
  10. I'm in the middle of converting a dimpled Saiga x39 into an AK103. I'm already making plans for the next project. But my question is what is the best base rifle to start with for a AKS-74U Krinkov build? Thanks.
  11. If anybody comes across an AK100 folder that's available, let me know. I'm interested.
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