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  1. Should have put it in this forum, poor man's krink.
  2. After a 5 month wait, my mini draco. Although I lost my disconnector spring, need to order another to finish it.
  3. This is my last mag, need to sell it. Had to sell the Saiga. Everyone knows what they look like. Comes with Smoke and Clear cover (installed), and instructions. Slightly used with a 100 rounds thru it. I did not do any fitting/filing on it. It was a snug fit in my gun. Since this is from the first run, you'll have to send it back to Mike when he starts upgrading the Springs if you so choose. $230 shipped Money Order/Paypal (no gun words) Sold & Shipped to Wakko You can check my feedback on ArfKom, Thanks. Please know your gun laws, from the MD site:
  4. Up for sale is a used factory 8 round mag. It is in good shape, worked fine, locked in my gun nice and snug. Economy killed my source of income, the Saiga had to go, since I had no ammo stockpiled for it. $150 shipped, money order or Paypal. But absolutely no gun words with Gaypal. Mag is **Sold** You can check my feedback on Arfkom. Only trade I might consider, is for Magpul P mags.
  5. I guess I underestimated the flood of orders that would roll in. I sent mine the 1st in the evening. Was there only a certain number of orders being accepted? Havn't received a confirmation number yet.
  6. Big +1 My number was 205, my drum is in route.
  7. Woot, still patiently waiting. No chance in Hell I would cancel my order.
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