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  1. I've been kicking the thought around a bit, I just hate the thought of ruining a perfectly good mag and a drum.



    I think Jim Lambert with Firebird Precision made a comment that he tried mating a Saiga drum with an MKA mag. He was not happy with the results.


    If he can't do it, I sure have no business trying it. Too high a risk ($$$) versus reward.


  2. Did anyone enlarge the gashole? if yes how much? are u using a stronger recoil spring then or the factory one?


    If I understand you correctly, you are looking to enlarge the gas port? That will require you shoot hotter loads and probably be limited to 3" shells. Is that your goal?


    The gas booster bushing partially blocks the current gas port allowing more gas to cycle the action allowing lighter shells to function.


    If I've got this all wrong, please correct me. I've still got a lot to learn.



  3. I DO NOT encourage anyone to be 922 non-compliant.


    I asked our ATF investigator about this very subject, this was before Sandy Hook .


    She said "To my knowledge we have NEVER charged anyone with a 922 infraction, UNLESS it was an additional charge added to charges from a criminal act".


    Take that for what you paid for it.....and refer back to my first statement.


    Three of the parts to change on the way to 922 compliance is the trigger, disconnector and hammer. Even if I wanted to keep my MKA appearing stock, I would still change out those three parts just to replace the crappy plastic trigger that comes with the gun. Just add the $35 gas piston and you are legal.


    In my case, when I'm done, I should be down to 8 foreign made components, and that's just until someone comes out with US made followers. No sense in taking chances. [replacing hammer, disconnector, trigger, gas piston, floorplates and handguard]



  4. Right, I knew about the 922 conversion, just wasn't sure if the magazine itself made the gun illegal. I just posted the same question about a charging handle on another thread, where they called it tactical.


    Also, you wouldn't need to replace the magazine floor plate on the 10 rounder, because it is American, correct? That counts as 1 of your parts already.


    The factory 10 rd magazine is all foreign parts so that one would need a new floorplate. If your 10 rd magazine is one of the Firebird Precision conversions for 10 rds, then the American made floorplate will count.


    Note that noncompliance does not make the firearm illegal, its possession of the firearm and large magazine that is illegal.


    The charging handle is not one of the 14 components that are counted as "foreign parts", so changing it out does nothing to help with the count.


    The following link may help.



  5. I'm not an attorney, but my understanding is possession of both the 10 rd or larger magazine and a weapon that can use it is illegal.


    The good news is there are sufficient aftermarket parts out there that you can make the "922 conversion" for just over $100.



    Trigger/Disconnector (considered 2 parts) $25

    Hammer $25

    Gas Piston $35

    Magazine Floorplate $25


    Depending on who you talk to, you may need only 4 of the above to get legal. Some others feel 5 US made parts is required.




  6. I think the return label said Kentucky and I'm only one state to the North.


    Holy crap, I got mine today. I just ordered it on Tuesday...that was the fastest I have been shipped anything in my life.


    You must live closer to the store than me. From your posting, I may have ordered my a few hours before you but so far no joy.


    But then I will need to wait for Firebird Precision's mag adapter before they will do me any good.





    Well I'm clear down in Texas. Maybe Monday will be my lucky day.



  7. It is a COMPLETE replacement , we have now found 2 of the bolt carriers that the detent ball was not swaged in the hole(it will pop out when you remove the factory handle) watch for that.


    Is there a spring on top of the detent ball that will also fall out? How difficult is it to replace the ball and what would it take to peen it in place?


    Looking forward to that tactical bolt handle.





  8. The new style 5 rd magazines have the base pad unmarked for shell size but a tag on the plastic bag they come in say they are for both 2-3/4" and 3" shells.


    The feed lips on the new mag are about 3/16" longer than those in the earlier 3" only magazine. Also the follower on the new magazines is flat where the followers in the older magazines were concave allowing the shell to center on the follower.


    Though very minor detail, the crest on the new magazines is also different.



  9. Holy crap, I got mine today. I just ordered it on Tuesday...that was the fastest I have been shipped anything in my life.


    You must live closer to the store than me. From your posting, I may have ordered my a few hours before you but so far no joy.


    But then I will need to wait for Firebird Precision's mag adapter before they will do me any good.



  10. Do you need to install both the bushing and the light spring together?


    I've read elsewhere on the forum that the gas booster bushing with the original recoil spring will be able to run lighter loads after the spring has been broken in a bit. I believe they said several hundred rounds will do the trick.


    In my case, I want the option to shoot 3" heavy loads later on so I bought both the bushing and the lighter recoil spring for day to day use. The factory spring will be set aside and used when needed.


    Neither part has been delivered yet, but I'm hoping that is how it will work out.



  11. I got a chance to shoot the gun today. I have mixed reviews. The rifle shot very accurately. I ran 40 rounds of Remington 2-3/4" rifled slugs (per my indoor range restriction). I had about a 3" group at 20yds.


    Other than the magazine falling out, did you have any problems with feeding or extraction? Took delivery of mine a few days ago and have not had a chance to shoot it yet. I've picked up several boxes of hot ammo to help break it in.



  12. Come on everybody...get your name on the list for these. I just talked to Nancy and she said the more people that sign up...the better the price they will be able to pass on to everyone.


    So what are you waiting for....I'm on the list...are you ?


    Let's support the vendors that make this gun special.


    Heck, I called and got my name on the list as soon as I found out a list was available.


    As I understand it, getting your name on the list is for the lower receiver. Once the receiver comes in, Firebird Precision is more than willing to finish it out to whatever level you want. In my case, I want it with the fire-control group installed and ready to attach my pistol grip, stock and upper.



  13. Academy Sports by me has one.

    Know one knows about it since they keep them in the back now. They can still sell them though.


    They must be setting them aside for friends and family. Stopped by two Academy Stores yesterday and asked it they had any guns set aside in the back. Advised that everything they have in stock is on the racks.

  14. jim are you going to anounce a price point on this?? or can you pm me the price... also is it going to be a striped or loaded lower ??


    This close to Shot Show, I bet Jim's keeping a little info aside to release at the show. After that I'm sure they will answer all of our questions.

  15. Local dealer has several MKA-1919's coming in with serial numbers with no "X" prefix but a suffix of "XN". Number range is 12000xx XN and 12004xx XN.


    Does this mean anything to anyone? If so, is it good or is it bad?

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