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  1. A short while back Tooth and Nail advised they had some factory and aftermarket bolts for the pre-XN MKA 1919.  Matt also indicated he was able to modify an XN bolt to work.


    They also show pre-XN drive blocks to be in stock.


    I share your concern.  I got a decent deal on a lightly used gun that resides in the back of the gun safe.  No plans for it other than as a parts gun.  I have well over 3000 rds though my match gun with most of them 1145 fps 1-1/8 oz loads.


    I don't know how many rounds your gun has run through it, but if you stay with light loads it may be quite a while before you need parts.



  2. Where do you find a BR99 10 round steel magazine?


    I've never ordered from these folks but appears they have some available.




    I assume these do not fit MKA 1919 guns.   Right?


    Update: I found elsewhere on the forum that BR99 magazines can be fit the MKA 1919 but only if the magazine well is lengthened.  This modification will result in the MKA 1919 magazines fitting looser than they do without the modification.

  3.  The 17 round spring is, as expected too weak to do 4 extra rounds in the column.....so I backed it up with a floor plate and a factory 5 round spring......it works rather well now!!



    That's pretty clever.  


    Do  you think a longer spring would get you to 22 rounds?

  4. If its in the middle of a stage and you don't know which it is, first swap magazines.


    If its a misfire, rack the bolt and dump the bad shell.  If its empty, rack a new round into the chamber.


    Though he was referring to pistols in USPSA, a much wiser top shooter observed if you run dry in a stage, you are not shooting your plan.  



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  5. on the +11 extension you must remove or disable the lrbho device from the follower. this will be my one & only.


    I've disabled the LRBHO on all my match magazines.  The last time I made a "speedy" reload with the bolt back it took two strong men and a donkey to get the magazine back out of the gun.   I did not win the stage.



  6. How hot a load were you using?    


    Any concern with short stroking while running lighter loads?


    I'm asking because I use 1145 fps 1-1/8 oz shells.  Though those are pretty light on the recoil, even lighter is better.





  7. Tim has the MKA Match,  Mine is a pre-XN gun run with Carlson chokes (CYL, SKT, LM and Full). I'm hoping Tim will take her to the range with some slugs and give us a report. 


    The Fiocchi Low Recoil functioned well in my test but at distance did no better than any other shell.  


    Some match somewhere shot slugs at a 4' x 4' steel plate at 125 yards.  Thought this might be a good option target at a local match, so for practice we stuck a big chunk of steel out at 150 yards and then 125 yards.  Shooting from sandbags, I could circle the target with a center hold but could not connect.


    At closer ranges, all of the slugs did decent but that was not my goal.



  8. It will be interesting to see how well accuracy-wise the Match handles low recoil slugs.


    I ran a test of just about all slugs under 1300 fps I could find trying to get something accurate past 80 - 100 yards.  I never found one.  Others also reported dismal accuracy with all but full power slugs.  


    Decided to stock up on the 1oz Remington Managed Recoil slugs.  Work well to 60 or 70 yards.  Past 100 yards I'm just loading the berms with lead.


    As for 1145 fps shells, my well broke in pre-XN gun loves the Remington Gun Club, Remington STS and Winchester AA rounds.  I've still got a few cases of 1200 fps shells to use up but prefer less wear and tear to my match gun.

  9. Well according to UPS my rebuilt, 922 compliant 1919 is on it's way home and scheduled for delivery today.  Only cost me @$385:(  Looking forward to shooting the snot out of it.  I'll give a range report ASAP.  Hopefully, I'll be able to recommend the builder's work....




    Will it have a polymer lower?  Were they able to repair the original lower or is it a replacement?  Have you put all your hammers in a secure location that is now forgotten?



  10. Jim sent me a message on another topic earlier this week and advised that he has the drum finished and running 100% but does not plan on offering it to the public at this time.


    Maybe that will change in the future.




    Not necessarily bad, its just some of the parts are not available should they break.  Primary parts of concern are the drive block, bolt and locking bolt.  The folks at Tooth and Nail have run some pre-XN guns for many thousands of rounds without problems.  Others did not get as good of mileage.


    Some of the broken guns may have been just a matter of bad luck.  Most may have been the result of using too many hot loads.


    Mine has well over 3000 rds of mostly light loads without problems.  But just in case, I have a spare MKA 1919 in the back of the safe to be used as a parts gun if necessary.


    My problem is they are flat out fun to shoot, therefore the round count will continue to climb.

  12. You don't indicate how many rounds you've shot so far.  My gun is the older (pre-XN) version.  One thing I noticed during the break in was some aluminum shavings from the top of the upper receiver.  Not a lot but enough that I tore down the gun frequently during the first several hundred rounds.  Its not a concern other than the shavings themselves gumming things up.



  13. For practice I use Remington Gun Club shells.  For competition I use Remington STS and Winchester AA.   


    After getting it pretty much broke in, I could run 1200 fps shells with no  problems.  Now with a reduced power recoil spring and a very broken in gun, I can run 1145 fps STS and AA shells all day long.


    Mine is a pre-XN gun that is kept well lubricated.





    I just bought three more cases of these AA's. They have always run well for my comped XN.


    I'm not sure if its still running, but Winchester did offer a $2.00 per box rebate for AA shells. The max rebate was $100 (5 cases) per household.


    My daughter and I maxed out the rebates.  rolleyes.gif



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  14. 3" mags is where the fun is at… 032.gif

     Oh I AGREE.


    My initial plans for the MKA 1919 was lots of 3 gun and a few nuisance coyotes.  Bought a couple boxes of 3" Praire Storm ammo and then learned that folks shooting a diet heavy in hot loads cracked bolts, locking lugs and drive blocks fairly quickly.  With replacement parts hard to obtain, I now run max 1200 fps shells (and prefer 1145 fps shells) in hopes that these guns will last til I'm on Medicare.

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