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    I'm having trouble understanding why you would use a shotgun for anything over 60 yards. A shotgun is simply not designed for long-range engagement, it was designed for riot control, e.g. close-range. Wrong tool for the job dude, that's what rifles are for. You cannot use a hammer as a screwdriver.

    you ever hear of a sport called 3 gun
    They require 100 yard shots with a shotgun in 3 gun? I'm not very familiar with firearm competition.



    At the 2015 3GN Southwestern Regional they had a slug target out to about 125 yards.

    If you can find them....I've had good luck with Remington reduced recoil & a Carlson LM choke.   Usually I can get a 6"-10" group at 75 yards.



    I'm going to try some light recoil Fiochhi(sp?)  this week, We'll see how they do.



    Oh & I'm using a 3MOA Burris red dot.


    One of the rounds I tried are Remington Managed Recoil 1 oz Slugger shells.   I'm thinking of pulling the C-More off the gun and putting on a spare rifle scope and see if it may be the indian and not the arrow.

  2. Locally we are seeing the occasional longer range slug target.  My problem is I've yet to find an accurate slug for longer distances.


    At 65 yards I have several combinations of chokes and slugs that give me good (under 4") groups but move the target out to 125 to 150 yards, it goes to crap.


    Today I shot from sandbags at a 2' x 2' plate at 150 yards.  Holding dead center (8 MOA C-More) I was able to circle the target without a single hit.


    Chokes tried are Carlson Full, LM, IC and Cylinder.  Tried several velocities of Remington Slugger, Federal Power-Shock and Fiocchi Low Recoil Aero.


    Starting to get expensive throwing  1 oz chunks of lead into the berm with no good results.  Hope someone can share something that would do the job.







  3. Its really kinda sad the petty bullshit that people perpetrate here


    Explains why traffic at this thread appears to be way down.   The MKA 1919 is not the most familiar or popular competition shotgun out there so sharing of information between active users has been very helpful,  


    This used to be the premier site for information and new products on this platform.  Its still the best place for info but compared to the past, not nearly so informative.

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  4. If the parts are available in Denmark, change out the stock trigger, disconnector and hammer for aftermarket parts from Tooth and Nail or Firebird Precision.


    Makes for a nice shotgun trigger right out of the box.



  5. Pull the spring and follower from the magazines,  Hold them upside down and load 5 shells.  Watch for any binding.  If the shells stick, the magazine body is pinched. Try to locate where the binding exits and widen the magazine body slightly.  I've slipped a small hammer handle into the body and twisted the hammer to expand the body.


    Do the same test with the follower.  If only the follower drags, then dress the sides of the follower down with sandpaper.  Just a little at a time should do it.



  6. For the scenario you describe it seems a 10, 15, 17 or 23 rounder with a coupler mounted 5 rounder with slugs mounted to it would work slick? 


    I had not considered that but it is a good idea.  My only coupled set is a pair of 15 rd magazines.  Adding a 5 rd magazine is not much weight and might work nicely.  Finally found a use for that stack of 5 rd mags sitting in the corner.





  7. Bolts are available, barrels will be soon


    A XN bolt can be made to fit a pre-XN, or upgrade the barrel carrier and bolt to XN.


    The bolt has to be milled to work, I'm sure someone will try an Dremel onenonono.gif





    That's good news.  With your permission, I'd like to give you a call when I get back in town.



  8. A XN bolt can be made to fit a pre-XN, or upgrade the barrel carrier and bolt to XN.



    I know you offer the XN carrier,  Is the XN bolt assembly and barrel available as individual parts?


    Is modifying the bolt to pre-XN configuration a major project or something I can do at home?

  9. No thanks Matt.


    What I'm looking at is what to do with my pre-XN parts after I break the bolt or some other unobtainable part.  


    A local shooter recently retired his MKA 1919 after he broke the locking block on his gun after a steady diet 1200 fps Winchester AA's. Per his numbers, right around 1000 rds did the trick.


    I have a spare pre-XN for parts in the safe (bought from you last year) but unless I cut back on practice and matches, its just a matter of time before I'll need to go to a more modern version.


    The high dollar items on my gun are the handguard and the aluminum lower.  The lower should work with both pre-XN and XN guns, maybe even the new Match. version. Right?


    I guess I'm hesitating on buying any more magazines or other accessories for fear of my match gun turning into a paperweight.



  10. I have a Firebird Precision long handguard with charging handle on the left side.  Its designed for and mounted on a pre-XN MKA 1919.


    Can this handguard be modified to fit an XN gun?   Is it something a handy home tinkerer can do or would it require major modification?


    If the charging handle is the problem, can just the handguard be mounted without it?





  11. I think that for one of these to have a legal collapsing stock, it needs to be 922r compliant.  Since from the factory, none of the parts are US made it cannot be imported.


    Once the fixed stock gun is imported and several critical parts are upgraded with US made parts, then you can install the collapsible stock. Also makes it legal for large cap magazines.


    The trick is getting the gun into the US.


    (OOPS, Matt beat me to the draw with the same explanation on another thread.)

  12. I guess I need a little history lesson.


    I was under the impression that the company that makes the MKA 1919 XN and MKA 1919 Match was not the same company that made the pre-XN guns.


    From their website though I noticed several video clips touting the MKA 1919 that were taped before the XN versions were even offered.



  13. I just heard about these folks a little over a week ago.


    After reviewing their extensive list of parts made for the MKA 1919 I sent them a email to see if they had any plans to manufacture pre-XN bolts and carriers.


    After a very brief period of time Mr Dale Fish with Triple F responded.  Due to limited demand, they have no plans to manufacture bolts or carriers but would keep my information on file should things change.


    I've not purchased anything from them but based on their customer service, I bet they are good folks to do business with.



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