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  1. Repair parts is the only real concern I have about the MKA 1919.


    Mine has several thousand rounds through it and its still holding together.  I did pick up a lightly used pre-XN gun from Tooth and Nail that's in the back of the safe and reserved primarily for parts.


    In addition to competition use, I planned on using my gun for the occasional coyote but a while back Jim with Firebird Precision indicated hot loads will tear up a MKA1919 in short order. So after break in, 90% of my shells were in the 1200 fps range.  The other 10% were at 1145 fps.


    The three top sources for parts is (was?) RAAC, Firebird Precision and Tooth n Nail.  Firebird seems to be concentrating on their new TAC-12 shotgun but Tooth and Nail seems to still manufacture XN parts.  The pre-XN parts may be long gone.


    I've got more than a few bucks tied up in my gun and if it turns out be an orphan I'll be rightfully pissed.


    So hollar at Jim (FP) and Matt (TnN) and see what they have available.


    You might also post your results in the forum.  I'm sure it will help others that are in the same predicament.



  2. I'm not where I can take photos of the magazines, but it easy to tell the difference.  Its all in the follower.


    If the top of the follower is flat, its the newer style.


    If the top has a shallow rounded groove for the 1st shell into the magazine to sit in, its the older style.


    Both run well in my gun.   A while back it was posted that the older style allowed the 15 rd into the magazine for those of us that built the higher capacity magazine (MKA 1919 5 rounder + Saiga 12 rounder coupled with a Firebird Precision FP-15 coupler).  Work arounds were developed and with a little work, even the new style follower will allow 15 rds in the gun.



  3. I got 10 magazines in.  Two are the older style and have a groove in the follower.  The remaining 8 are the new style flat follower.


    Checked Firebird Precision's website for the 15 rd coupler and could not find it.  E-mailed them and so far have not heard back.



  4. Don't mean to double post here but want to ask about the machined lowers, can I use all of my factory internals In It? Does it require any fitting / gun smithing to the upper for a propper fit? Or is it plug and play?


    To go to one of the new aluminum lowers, the bolt catch must be used from the original polymer lowers.  It will need to be drilled out to accept a slightly larger roll pin.  This is a requirement since no one currently offers this part by itself.


    The remaining factory parts will fit but this would be a good time to upgrade to some "922 compliant" parts which are also of much higher quality than those that came with the gun.


    If you are not familiar with "922", do a quick search on this forum.  Replacing the trigger, disconnector and sear with quality US made parts will count as three parts towards your goal of legally shooting high cap magazines.

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  5. Briley makes one.  A little pricey but  at least they are available.  And they do accept choke tubes.





    The stock MKA 1919 barrel I believe is 19.7" long.  I've not seen screw in chokes that are just over 4" long, but Briley may have something close. Their Comp Choke is longer than a standard extended choke. They also have a "breach buster" choke that appears to be a little longer.


    Another option is a replacement barrel.  Tooth and Nail has 22" "XN" barrels available.  Match that barrel with an extended choke tube and you will be close.  My Carlson extended chokes add about an inch to the length.


    If its really a sound issue at the range, offer to shoot lighter loads (if your gun will run them reliably).  Some sporting clay shooters use 1300 fps loads for distant targets so the range may feel 1145 fps loads would make your gun acceptable.  If you want to shoot trap (load just one round at a time) you can get 12 ga shells that run under 1000 fps and should make even less noise.



  6. I'd just like to find a new pre-XN MKA 1919 for a good price.  


    The one I have is my only shotgun setup for Open in 3 gun and if it fails, I'm out of the game until I can get parts. 


    Not all of the parts are readily available.     I just hope folks keep making parts for it now that everyone seems to have gone to the XN model.

  7. I can stage mine in a barrel with the 23 rounder.  If the barrel is at a 45* i put the shotgun upside down so the mag is sticking straight up in the air.   If it's just a standing barrel I think the 23 rounder works better than a ten because it hangs outside the barrel.   Maybe it's just the way mine is balanced?


    Around here if a barrel is used, its one of those blue plastic ones standing upright.  Now that I've added a metal handguard to my MKA, its a little more muzzle heavy so that may work.  I know that with the cheap plastic factory handguard, it was just didn't feel all that secure.  


    There are two reasons I haven't bought the 18/23 round mags, but I look forward to more info and feedback on these issues: 


    1) They seem pretty unweildy to me.  At some point, does it become a hinderance to have that big long mag hanging down there?  How does the gun swing?  Clays? What if you want to kneel and shoot a spinner at 50 y? (monopod! lol!)




    I run a Roulette 18 rd magazine on 3gun stages and once you start shooting, you don't really notice all that weight hanging off the bottom of the gun.  Of course its a problem when you need to abandon the gun in a barrel, but I usually just drop the magazine as I set the safety.


    A few weekends ago, I shot a match where the start position for the shotgun was inside the barrel.  Had to start off with a 10 rd magazine on a 16 rd stage.  The MD assured me it was a case of not enough tables for all the stages.

  9. Finally, a word on Prarie Storm.  Please..no.  Step away from the Prairie Storm.  I know what you're doing...it's your secret shotgun spinner ju ju so you can spin that spinner in one shot.  I was doing the same thing 2 years ago, 


    I've not tried the Prairie Storm shells on a spinner yet.   I picked up three boxes of this stuff for some nuisance coyotes. Only shot two rounds of it so far.  It didn't seem as bad as some hot slug rounds I ran through it in the past.


    I intentionally left my gun in 3" configuration (FB long handguard and no HES gas systerm) so I could shoot the occasional 3" load.  But now that sounds like a bad idea.

  10. And 3" shell will destroy any of them in short order.



    Not what I wanted to hear.    I use 3" Prairie Storm shells sparingly (still on the first box) but do not want to break the gun this early in the 3 gun season.


    I've got well over 2K rounds through my pre-XN gun with no cracks yet.  Any estimate on how many rounds of 3" constitutes "short order" and how soon will a pre-XN drove block be available?


    Just one more thing to keep me awake at night.



  11. I started filling out the info to order one from Centerfire and noticed it now says for XN guns.   What is the change and will it still work on my pre-XN gun?



    Edited to add:  


    I think I may have found the answer.  Firebird Precision is selling some of their parts online at www.3gunusa.com    They list the short handguard versions as XN and not XN.  In the ad it notes "This component is made specifically for XN shotguns and will not fit the AKDAL shotgun."

  12. I was looking at those in Centerfire's catalog just the other day and thought I'd better get one before they run out.  It appears Firebird no longer has the long handguard on their website. (I still use 3" shells on occasion.)


    Any chance you could give me a measurement of your barrel where the handguard gets tight?


    I also have a pre-XN but don't know if its an early or late one.  It was purchased Dec 2012 from Centerfire.  It was one of Firebird's 922 Compliance Conversions.





  13. Actually Anubis advised that with the titanium firing pin, some dry firing would not hurt anything, but a lot may cause damage.


    For my typical dryfire sessions, dropping the hammer 50 to 100 times a night several times each week might be contrued as "a lot".


    Though I still practice acquiring targets with the red dot, most of my shotgun practice is now on magazine changes.




  14. I've had a lot of problems with the Winchester and Federal bulk packs.  It might sound nice to use cheap ammo to break in your MKA 1919, but how will you know you are making progress if the gun keeps jamming from the crappy shells.


    Consider Remington Gun Club shells (1200 fps).  Cheap enough to use in practice and reliable enough to use in matches.

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