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  1. Sadly, and I hate to point this out, the government doesn't follow the constitution unless it's convenient for them. They have it in tatters and only when we beat the shit out of them will it change. Let's hope Trump brings some brass knuckles. We will know his intent, just like Barry's, when he does, or doesn't, go after Barry. (Barry constructively announced his intent to ignore the constitution when he didn't go after Bush.)
  2. It's a DA only. I use one, and I agree, it sucks when you're used to higher end equipment. But you can't beat it for ccw. It's accurate in my hands to about 18 yards, in a pinch I'd go 22-23 yards and expect to need more to hit vitals. Anyway, I am not arguing, but saying it's good for what it is: pocket carry invisible.
  3. There's tankers off Texas coast filled with oil. Commercial maritime traffic is close to a stAndstill. I think we are close to the financial collapse our government has been working at for the last 30+ years. Gun up, carry, and remember we are all out there somewhere!
  4. hmm, guess i have to look into it. might be good for an upgrade, but otherwise i like my refoex sight.
  5. Yeah, but the government doesnt like to not kill people to fix things for them. And they HATE militias, it challenges their authority to dictate law to us. Ffrom what i have read, the militia is right. if youve read what has gone on since the 60s on these guys being abused by the feds, you might not think it is so hasty a thing to do.
  6. I believe it. Look how they lie in everything else. Snowden has never been shown to lie and he says Osama is alive, and saw evidence. http://www.worldnewspolitics.com/2016/01/03/osama-bin-laden-is-still-alive/
  7. I use a snake for quick clean. I use a full kit with patches and hoppes #9 for good clean. I've switched from frog lube (my gun doesnt get wet) to militec-1 for oil. Of course, the saiga gets lithium grease instead.
  8. Advice: "sell" your guns, and buy a throwaway. If they infringe your right, turn in the throwaway and have the others in safe keeping. Do not let them screw you!
  9. I got one for my wife, great shotgun for kids/petite women.I just got a M1 Garand someone left in the dryer too long and shrunk it. Shrunk the chamber now too, so it only shoots 308. 1944 Springfield Armory receiver. Sweet! I just picked up a 1945 Springfield M1 Garand, all matching, and beau-T-ful! Paid too much, but I've wanted one so long, and she's sooo pretty! Unfortunately Photobucket is sucking ass so I cant post a pic. if it recovers I will post up, eventually!
  10. Almost as if the governments were actually helping him out each step of the way....
  11. I am all stocked up, so its fine by me. Helps assure my stuff doesnt lose value. I think there was a group of events that collided here, thats causing the significant increase in business: 1 everyone realized that the muslims are indeed invading, and they will cause trouble, just like in france, germany, norway, sweden, and rest of europe. 2. everyone realized Opussy is actually a muslim for real, and now that he clearly outright lying, its clear they better care for themselves. 3. its christmas and who the hell doesnt want firearm gifts!?!? mJust told my parents I want more .
  12. I need to think this way. Spent too many year not doing so.
  13. Holy crap! That's awesome! Congrats, AA! After reading the specs, I am drooling! Ruger is an awesome company, I am sure it's going to be amazing!
  14. If you change them illegally once, you might as well again. I am unsure about this bill. Why even tacitly admit the Feds can have control over this? It's more complicated than simply "I can go into any state now". Reid likely won't let it be heard, and if he does, he has some long term plan to screw us
  15. Ouch, sorry to hear that, Max! My sympathies, and you can take solace in his fighting the good fight for us!
  16. disgusting. i am always shocked at how texas is so pro-gun, but when the case is clear like this (open carry not allowed, only), they pull this shit. I hope the guy gets off, and somehow the state pays the fees for his defense. I also hope this stops others from doing the same. others, being the gun wielding crazy man.
  17. No reason for guilt. If he didn't do it, someone else would. Plus it's not the tool, it's the person.
  18. Done, but honestly, they're just Mao's minions. They'll never vote for what their constituents want.
  19. These days, I have no problems with video documentation. If he says it's real, okay, but it doesn't seem so to me.
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