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  1. Thanks for the replies guys. Probably another stupid question, but did you have to make any other adjustments to your HK sights after you screwed them on? It seems like mine is not too accurate right now... is it possible to adjust the windage or elevation with those sights?
  2. Hi, This is kind of a n00b question, but I got the HK sights from Chaos, and I'm not familiar with the numbers (1,2,3,4) that you can set the sights to. I'm pretty sure you adjust them based on your range, but can someone explain this further to me? Does setting "1" mean for anything up to 100 yards, and setting "2" from 200-300 yards? Thanks in advance!
  3. Update: Chaos finally emailed me back after like 4 days.. and said that I was supposed to get the mounting screws/hardware... and that they are mailing it out to me today.
  4. Did Chaos ship you the screws to mount your HK sights? I got the sights but new screws... do you know where I could order them? Chaos hasn't been helpful at all. Correction: "no" not "new" sorry.
  5. Which of these magwells work well with the MDARMS and promag 20 round drum? Where can I buy them at? Thanks!
  6. Anyone have a contact at Chaos? They won't return my call or emails..
  7. If I didn't have the laser, I'd definitely get a red dot sight I agree with you about that.. thanks for those stats though, they are interesting.
  8. My gun could shoot light loads before, so I guess I need to just keep adjusting it. It just threw me off because in the tac47 video tutorial, they made it seem like it could handle light loads by adjusting the plug within about 2 full revolutions, whereas mine is about 3.5 -4 in, and still can't handle it.
  9. I recently purchased the TAC-47 auto gas plug, and had a few questions. I installed the auto-plug, screwed it all the way on, then started unscrewing it until you feel it "click" and the ports are in the 10 and 2 position. Next, I fired a few shots and realized I needed to adjust the screw on the plug, by turning it CLOCKWISE so that I can cycle the lower brass stuff.. Right now, I can shoot 00' buckshot 2 3/4'', 2 3/4'' slugs fine. No failures to eject. However, when I tried shooting the winchester superX 2 3/4'' 1 oz. #8 shot, I couldn't get it to cycle. I know it is a light load, but I'd still like to be able to shoot this stuff if I wanted to. I did keep turning the screw clockwise, but apparently I need to turn it even more clockwise. I would say I gave it a good 3 and half full rotations.. maybe even 4. So, my question is, should I keep rotating this clockwise until it will fire it? When it finally does (if it ever does), when I shoot 2 3/4'' slugs out of my gun is there any chance I could damage my gun (the bolt slams back too hard)? Is there any truth to what people say that I should stay away from 3'' magnum rounds with the TAC-47 plug? If so, why? Thank you in advance!
  10. I'd like to confirm that my rails already are drilled / tapped, chaos just didn't send me the screws. I'm not even positive they are supposed to or not, but I will reach out to them on Monday and see. Thanks for the replies guys and sorry about the noob question!
  11. Thanks for that, please excuse my ignorance, but what about the screws? What kind do I need to use? As the sights did not come with anything.
  12. I recently had my saiga converted, and have the chaos titan quadrails. I also bought the HK sights from chaos, and would like to have them installed. Is this something I could do myself with a drill bit? Or should I have someone do this professionally? If it is something I could do, could anyone explain to me the steps required?
  13. Thanks for the replies guys.. I'm going to go with the HK sights.
  14. I'd also like to recommend that vertical grip I got (VISM Vertical Grip w/ Built In Led Flashlight & Red Laser VAQVGFLR).. it is about 10 ounces, has a storage compartment, the light is 120 lumens.. and it has a laser that is directly below the light vertically. It is also quick detach. I think it is awesome... although I haven't really used vertical grips before, I am definitely pleased with this one. The light is extremely bright.. and would most definitely temporarily blind someone at close range... I almost bought another one that did not have the red laser that was aluminum and had a 150 lumens light (can't imagine how bright that would be), but the laser was important. One thing that was important to me was that the laser be mounted vertically below or above the light, and not off to the side. I know it doesn't matter a WHOLE lot with a shotgun but still..
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