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  1. Piratesailor

    New Jeep Cherokee

    Ah, it's built on a freaking car frame.. I'll stick with my old Cherokee chief and inline 6 and my old 4 door with quadratrac. This one looks like a pussy mobile.
  2. My senator is Ted Cruz... He knows how I feel... But just in case, over the last few weeks, I've sent him letters letting him know.
  3. Ditto.. No shortage here. I still shoot every other week or so. I shoot pistol every week along with my wife.
  4. Exactly.. They bitch and complain after the election but they don't bother to vote in local or state elections. They won't be voted out as like locust, there are too many now and the rest are apathetic (and pathetic).
  5. 1909 argentine Mauser in the mid 70's. I miss that rifle. Filled the freezer a few times with it.
  6. Piratesailor

    Kids actually do pay attention.

    THAT IS AWESOME... Yes, I shouted it.
  7. Piratesailor

    Sgammo has golden tiger in stock

    Back in stock. But almost out.
  8. Piratesailor

    Saiga accuracy (group size)

    I'm generally in the 3" range with my scope and bench rest wi the barrel. I've been worse.. And occasionally better.
  9. Piratesailor

    Terminal Performance of the 7.62x39

    Good read and I've been looking at 7.62, 5.45 and 5.56 recently on a variety of forums. I own several 7.62 saiga a so it's of interest to me Darth, your observations and reading brings up good points. And it's not a caliber argument. From what I can tell, it's a discussion about what to use at the right time; what is the best tool. The only comment I'd have is that my "belief" is that in the case of the Stockton shooting, rifles at close range are not going to be effective in mass wound due to a lack of tumbling given the extreme short distance. The only other comment would be "I'd hate to get hit by any of them"
  10. A large manufacturer is what we need to relocate and refuse to sell to states that ban or limit firearms. We need glock and S&W to step up too. Send a message to these idiots.
  11. Excellent. That's all that's needed.
  12. Piratesailor

    Jay Inslee wants a WA state AWB

    No, we are not "screwed" at all. This has to be taken seriously but this is not New York or California. I've been watching this closely. It ain't gonna happen. They just had to water down a bill to allow more background checks just to give it a chance of passing. There is a lot of sabre rattling going on but there will be no AWB in Washington. I truly hope you're not. A water down a bill is called compromise and they will ultimately compromise and legislate you into being screwed. Same strategy as the national approach. Go for a massive ban and far reaching enactments, knowing they'd never pass but them give up and compromise down to background checks for everyone. Seems reasonable since you want to protect the children right? They will give "conservatives" a victory and claim they are not anti-gun. They know you can't do background checks without some form of record keeping.. Thinly vailed as passive registration. Then the next "crisis" and the next compromise and the ruling elite politicians on both sides will sell us down the river. Pessimistic.. No.. Realistic. It's been going on since W Wilson and his regime during the early 1900's. I truly hope you guys fight and NOTHING is passed and help set an example for the rest.
  13. Piratesailor

    Jay Inslee wants a WA state AWB

    Good luck guys... It will stop by two main methods... When your are subjects or you vote the assholes out. So since it seems that the liberals in a few of your counties rule the day... Your screwed.
  14. It's a new sport..,watching how fast SG sells out of 7.62 cases. I think this round was 35min. The other day it was 50min for 300 cases.