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  1. It was the low recoil... but im thinking it is a combination of it being dirty, the gas system (the ports not being fully milled), and I'll probably do the puck mod
  2. I have nothing to compare it to, but it does cycle rounds by hand
  3. Is that what I read about polishing the bolt/carrier? And I just posted a pic to the original post... it has been converted
  4. After doing some research on the this site I've read about the fail to eject FTE issue. The gas ports are the not enough gas part... What is the drag portion?
  5. I am new to the site and Saigas. I bought a used Saiga 12 from a gun show and I took it shooting today and it wont cycle. I was on setting 2 and the shells wouldn't eject and bolt would close. I then moved it to setting 1 and the shell still wouldn't leave the gun, but the bolt would get stuck open. I was shooting bird and buck shot, both with the same result. Any thoughts as to what the problem is??? I hoping I didn't get brutally ripped off. Thanks Kevin
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