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  1. Turns out dinzag does make one, but then if i ever wanted to do the pistol grip conversion, id need to buy another trigger group for the conversion. better to just get it all done with now?
  2. hmm... looks like it might be time to pick up a new trigger guard, pistol grip, and stock. I emailed CSS and asked about a trigger group for un-converted saigas, in the meantime i better go check the hunting and trapping guide and see what the DNR has to say about hunting with a pistol grip... It'd be nice if I can exchance the Tromix with another one, but the more i read, the more it seems like the problem is the way the saiga trigger is set up stock, not just the poor quality of the stock trigger.
  3. So i ordered up a Tromix fire control group from CSS, just got it in the mail, and had some questions before I dive into it. Let me start out that i wasnt planning on moving up the trigger group to install a pistol grip (yet). Can i even install this group without doing that? (this is the one i bought http://store.carolinashooterssupply.com/servlet/-strse-138/TROMIX-SAIGA-TRIGGER-TAPCO/Detail) Hoping maybe someone has done this and can offer some insight! It seems like the consensus is that you really want to convert your saiga to pistol grip eventually, but i am interested in
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