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    WTR Want To Rent tools to thread 7.62x39 barrel

    I rented the tools today. You cannot beat that deal to rent the tools for $11 for both. I added that the reference came from this site. On a side note: upon doing my research for this upgrade, 5/7 videos I watched the people pulled out their initial threads by not putting their thread alignment tool (TAT) recessed deep enough in the die.
  2. I have seen a few references in topics to people renting tools from other members, was seeing if anyone would like to help a fellow member out. I can pay for the tools then you can partially refund after the tools are returned undamaged.
  3. that is the code I ended up using. had to go ahead and order my posp to get it before our family Easter shoot off. I highly agree about this site and company.
  4. whens the next coupon code for the estore? I have a few items I want to buy but need a discount to justify hundreds of dollars for some plastic pieces
  5. In the videos I watched I did not see it get reinstalled but there was no mention when it was removed if it would be used again
  6. I just did my first conversion and is this piece suppose to be reinstalled or is it not reused? I want to goto range to do some testing but want to make sure
  7. Well I bought my first rifle from MMA a few weeks back. Been to indoor range and a outdoor range with 100 yard last weekend. Was happy with the iron sights at 100 yards but wanted something more prescise and for 100+. Found a used POSP 6x24 on armslist last wednesday. So today after work, I headed back to the outdoor range. Had the RSO help zero me in with his scout scope. The problem: setting the windage was fine but the elevation maxed out was still aprox 17" low. Please keep in mind rifles and scopes are a new world to me but I always try to do all my research before making a move. Scope looks practically brand new. Only thing I could think of would be to loosen the 2 screws and reset the elevation to 1, but the RSO advised me that it wouldnt work. So before wasteing more ammo I descided to pack bag and head home. I am shooting golden tiger 124 gr. Thanks in advance for the help
  8. Monte_Man


    Bumpski also make an adapter to fit unconverted saigas. Was told it would be 2nd week of march that they will be in stock. As stated it is more of a luxory item but compared to the cost of a FA it's cheap. To my understanding the patent for the "slide fire" concept was sold to fostech(bumpski) and that the slide fires were breaching that contract. I can't wait for mine to get here.
  9. Monte_Man

    whats a good price on a Saiga 12?

    $649 picked up locally. also bought 3 - 10 rd promags and just ordered a md20 fyi 200rds federal 2 3/4 1 1/8oz on setting 2 no FTE's what so ever. performed flawlessly. I have been wanting one for years but had to pick it up before VERY near future weapons ban.
  10. Monte_Man

    Looking for MD20 Drum

    Just ordered mine 4 days ago. I put order thru and emailed and asked how many they had left in stock because their site dose not show availabilty, and they replied 4. I got my tracking number this morning ) carolina shooter supply says they expect their shipment in tomorrow. Im hopeing my glock 26 50rd drum also becomes avail