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  1. Just checked those out and I don't see any lightweight factory contour barrels. Maybe I am looking in the wrong spot?
  2. Looking for a Butler Creek 10/22 super light 16” barrel (#120-000-008), found on this site: http://www.brownells.com/.aspx/lid=1...chdetail/href= Not even sure they are even still made...
  3. Anyone know where I can get a discontinued Ramline 10/22 factory contour plastic barrel with steel liner? I have the old school Ramline takedown kit and need the barrel too. Thanks!
  4. I agree with you there, they are small parts. Hoping to have some cash by the weekend to drive out to a gun show and see if any one there has some parts on the tables. That way I can see it in person and mic it out, drop it in, and go! Could not be that easy as usual lol...
  5. Possibly, but they are so small it would be easy to dremel the thing a bit off in the wrong direction...
  6. I have 2 other Stevens, one a true offhand weighted grip model and another almost the same pistol that I need a firing pin for, and they all have different diameter firing pins! This is getting interesting...
  7. Looking for parts for Stevens Model 35 Tip up .22 Pistol. Looking for spares, just broke a firing pin in one of mine and the usual online sources do not stock them. I think it's time to stock up on spares if I can find them. Thanks!
  8. My Stevens spring is getting weak on the primer hits. Anywhere have these? I checked Numrich, Brownells, Googled it...not much luck. Thanks!
  9. As far as can see it might be the locking lugs metallurgy and it being old and the use of higher pressure shells in such. About 15 years ago I shot it with low brass trap loads and did not have problems except for extraction which I had to use a cleaning rod to knock em out. The barrel is a heavy beast so I doubt that would be an issue. Needs a new stock too. It's now a wall hanger.
  10. I had a couple I went through and they are crap. The president of Henry couldn't even get me one that didn't jam and also go full auto at times! Buy a Ruger 10/22 if you want a great rifle that can be heavily customized.
  11. He should have used that in his campaign lol!
  12. No way! Mentor Arms is like 10 minutes from my house and I never knew it was there! Very cool! Wonder if they give tours......
  13. So I ended up taking it to my gunsmith and $37 later he made a new spring and that old the gem is now back to life. I love an easy and cheap fix! Thank you for the help though! Kudos!
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