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  1. Wrathchild Anyone? These guys whip ass.... After Wrathchild America, Brad Divens survived Grunge with Souls at Zero I love them too... I forgot how to do this again, what a tard bag....
  2. Meshuggah!!! Destroy! Erase! Improve! I love these guys!!!
  3. <embed src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mWPPBW4DU8?version=3&hl=en_US&rel=0" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="420" height="315" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed> Machine Head Davidan Whatever.. I'm not sure how you get the videos up like you guys do in the forum post... There IS a fundamental difference in pre and post metal... We went from super high vocals, standard guitar tuning with a Marshall and more than likely Celestion Greenbacks to drop B sevenstrings through Mesa Boogies and 5150's loaded with Vintage 30's and vocalists that growl instead of howl.... It's apples from the same tree in my opinion.... As long as makes you get that stomp on it feeling in your gut, you know it's metal...
  4. I never get tired of looking at before and after pictures of Pauly's work. It's kind of disturbing... When I bought my S12 I was never planning to retire off of it... Hell, if this keeps up!!!
  5. I woke the kid up I was laughing so hard....that was great....
  6. My family has a ever changing business. For the last 12 years I have been installing GPS controllers and making equipment steer itself. But lately, I have been tearing down tractors, sprayers, anything Ag related, and sending it to Spassk, Russia. We have been farming in Russia for two years. I myself have never been there yet...but sounds like I will be sometime...I should post pictures a tractor in a container is something everyone should see!!! Lol!!!
  7. Eeek... $14.00 charged to his account for access? Imagine what ammo would cost to feed that thing!! It's a sick, sad world sirs... I think you might have conquered the first steps to the right path Tehcrayz - you know better and I bet your children do too....my 7 year old just got his bb gun... Been to the range a lot with him, he begs to go, in fact he ditched the four wheeler last weekend for the range!!! Nothing preserves rights like children who are educated in preserving their rights...
  8. Ordered mine from Gilbert's on th 22nd and were sitting On my front steps since yesterday the 24th. Fits snug. I could of sworn I heard a small voice say "Ahhh.." when checked for fit...I think my S-12 is happy, needless to say the owner is extremely happy....thanks to everyone giving a heads up to where these might be at!!!
  9. I got a 109 last fall and it didn't come with a LRBHO. Perhaps I got screwed... OR MAYBE, I got a hold over and not a 2013 model....do they do that with firearms like they do cars??? Russian Capitalists!! LOL!!!
  10. I love this forum. Some of the information here is invaluable. Thanks to everyone here!! Just ordered some(2) from Gilberts!! I think I need to bump up my status on this forum. My S-12 wouldn't be in the shape it is in if weren't for this forum.... Awe....yeah! Going through the contribution process for the forum was like getting a 1up in Super Mario Bros!!!
  11. I'm glad to hear there were others with a one pump limit!! We did a three pump limit. Until my neighbor bought some M-16 looking BB/pellet gun. He could pump it three times and it was equal to our ten. Needless to say someone got hit, luckily in the leg. Eyewear wasn't optional it was considered prescription, we were to cool for safety lenses!! When we got sick of shooting each other we would go after beaver, muskrats, and anything that crawled along the creek. We had lots of fun with a 410 and a 20ga. I miss those days....
  12. Odd man I found this today: http://modernmilitiamovement.com/ I also believe in finding like minded people, that is in all reality why I am here... Still looking to hear some more ideas from you and Hero.... Already finding very helpful info.... Thanks!!!
  13. Iowa IS bad... The eastern side of the state is more liberal than California....while the western side was more conservative but has become more apathetic about everything... However it's Iowa there is always work here, everybody has to eat, right? The schools are in severe decline, no BS there has been a growing teacher on student kind of situation... As far as politics go, the Agenda has been full blown here for some time, no one talks about Iowa though...us rural guys are outnumbered by the eastern urban population... Steer clear unless you bat for the other team, then you could get hitched here!!! Lol!!!
  14. That is funny stuff...my face hurts from laughing so hard
  15. I had problems with an auto parts store... I too have never had problems with sears or snap on...always have replaced tools no questions asked....I guess alternators are the exception!!
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