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  1. Just asking because of the absurdity of the bills being introduced by the gun grabbers. Like has been said above, the type doesn't matter. Goes to my thought of "Why pick on us?" Should we ban red cars from the road because they look fast? And by the way, I don't trust any statistics spouted by liberals. They would have you think that guns cause everything from the common cold to teenage pregnancy. (If I keep on like this, we may have to move this to the political section.)
  2. Does anyone know if there are any crime statistics that show how many "assault" weapons are actually used in crimes and specifically how many Saigas? Shotguns vs rifles vs handguns perhaps? It would seem that most of us are not only responsible gun owners, but treat our Saigas as prized possessions. It just doesn't make sense that someone would spend the time and effort on a Saiga to use it in a crime. Far more likely for a criminal to use a cheap throw away. I've searched the forums for this topic and didn't find it. If I've stepped on any toes, sorry from a Newbie. I love my Saiga-
  3. I'm a 'Newbie' too and want to DITTO the "THANKS!" to all the members of the forum. I've been a lurker and learned a lot. My FIME Saiga-12 is a champ. Took it apart, inspected, cleaned, lubed, etc as per directions on the forum. I was only able to cycle it by hand about 500 times before I started growing hair on my palms.... I have now put about 200 rounds through it so far. Eats the cheap Federal bulk #8 just fine, hip shoulder, etc. Hiccups every once in a while with the Winchester. If I have the gun tucked tight to my shoulder I don't have any problems whatsoever with any of the cheap Wally
  4. Just want to thank all the members of this forum who have posted great information. Santa came early and I just got back from the range with my Saiga-12. Definitely NOT a vodka special! I was fully expecting to have some feed and eject issues but am thrilled to say that I just shot 50 rounds of Federal 2 3/4" 1 1/8 8 (Wally World bulk box) and didn't have a single issue. Then again, I stripped, cleaned and inspected the gun multiple times in the last couple days. The help and advice from this forum was FANTASTIC. My gun has a factory cert from 21 Sept this year. 3 gas ports visible. Two compl
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