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  1. Thanks for the comparison. I was originally going to be getting the Chaos Warthog but then I moved to the monster full size. This makes me seriously think and wonder which would be best for my application (Breacher/Brake comb). Do you have a 'seat of the pants' feel for it you can add? There is always the subjective view of a product, I'm certainly interested in hearing this as well. Fatigue would matter a lot with this as one might feel 'best' under fatigue.
  2. Can't wait to order mine as soon as they are back in stock. Already have my grip, just waiting for this now!
  3. TBK

    Tapco Trigger Group

    Yeah, I have a complete build list of things I'm specifically going to swap out. I have read over the 922r docs and I'm golden on it once my conversion is complete. Currently I'm gathering all of the parts to do the build-out. Can't wait to get'm all and assemble my boomstick.
  4. TBK

    Tapco Trigger Group

    Thanks for all of the information and the photo (CSS was down) I have confirmed I do _not_ need to modify my FCG. Thanks!
  5. TBK

    Tapco Trigger Group

    Thanks for the reply. I had searched the forums and done some minor google search (hate google now they stopped allowed sales of scopes, mags, etc on google shopping) but I was unable to find anything conclusive. The one I purchased is a single hook. Looked on youtube for an instructional video and either my query is wrong or no one has made a video of it. Glad to know I didn't screw myself.
  6. At a local gunshow and they had some S12 parts. They had a fire group (trigger group) set and the trigger itself was stamped "Tapco". I know I had wanted to get Tromix fire control group but I couldn't remember reading stuff about Tapco's. I tried to do some quick research on my mobile but no love there. So I opted to buy it since it was 'in hand' and now I believe I have made a mistake. Searching out there it seems it can be used but has to be modified....the issue I'm finding is I cannot figure out HOW it is suppose to be modified and if it is better or worse than the Tromix. Exampl
  7. TBK

    Magpul vs Tapco

    Thanks for all of the great replies. I'm going to be getting the Bone Steel Arms unit and keep the existing buttstock (the one that comes with the BSA Unit) until I have determined which Magpul I want just due to the positive responses alone. Thanks again!
  8. TBK

    Magpul vs Tapco

    I might just go witht he Bonesteel Arms folding stock with Mil-spec tube....then I can swap out whichever mil-spec buttstock I want.
  9. TBK

    Magpul vs Tapco

    I search on this forum (and many others) but I cannot find really good comparision between the Tapco collapsible and Magpul collapsible stocks on the Saiga 12. I have buds with both on AR/AKs and it seems for the AR Magpul is best and AKs the Tapcos are best.... If you follow that logic then I should get a Tapco. However, I want something that is extremely reliable, made of high quality material, and doesn't wiggle within the mechnisims. Thoughts?
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