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  1. hkusp45

    Need parts help for a .223 AK!

    I emailed in the event he can help, but this is the part.
  2. hkusp45

    Need parts help for a .223 AK!

    The part number is AK-142 B and is a gas block for a Arsenal 106 UR .223 AK. KVAR was no help but maybe you guys have some other suggestions. My buddies Krink builder screwed up and cut off the gas block so now I'm trying to find him a new gas block, I've already found him a new builder!
  3. Ordered a UTG mount that won't work with a Tromix Saiga OR and Arsenal AK-47 106 UR. The mount will not clear the sights on either gun. Any suggestions?
  4. hkusp45

    Sling Help for a Tromix SBS Saiga 12

    I'll take a look at it when I get home from work and let you know. Any suggestions where to get swivel and a bungee sling?
  5. I need to sling this thing for an upcoming shoot and could use some advice on where to get one and how it's mounted. A single point bungee type would be great but beggars can't be choosers so I'll take what I can get.
  6. hkusp45

    scope mount help!

    I don't know if it's made but I need a scope mount for my Saiga 12 Tromix build. It has the mp5 sights so I'd like one that's high enough to see over the iron sights so I can also use my Eotech.
  7. hkusp45

    Gas plug settings using MD Drum AND AGP Mags

    I appreciate the info and will post pics, it looks like a good time! By the way for any folks in PA it's at this link, http://nhrpc.org/, and is the Halloween Zombie Shoot. I'll be shooting one day and assisting the pres of the club (life long friend), as staff for the rest of the event.
  8. Hey guys, haven't posted in awhile but I know this is the place to come. I'm shooting in a 3 gun match in PA in the middle of October and I'm scrambling to get things together. The shotgun I'm using is a Tromix built 8 inch barrel Saiga 12 but I've got ammo questions. I have the MD Drum and AGP mags and have only been using low recoil Federal buckshot in th gun. I was informed we will HAVE to use low brass game loads (quail, grouse, etc). I have not installed Mike's gas plug and have been running the factory one. My question is with the above mentioned ammo what gas setting is needed and should I install the new plug if I intend on using both the drum and the mags? Thanks in advance for your help!
  9. hkusp45

    What to play a game? Part 4

    I'll take 374, 562, and 998
  10. hkusp45

    scope side mount help!

    What is the mount used in that? I guess since it's quick release I could choose to not be so picky and have access to the iron sights.
  11. hkusp45

    scope side mount help!

    Is there a reason the other is better than the Eotech? I was going to go with the Eotech because I can get significant LE discount.
  12. hkusp45

    scope side mount help!

    I've got a Tromix built 8 inch shorty with mp5 sights with the built in rail on the side for mounting a scope/red dot. I'd like a quick detach mount that's tall enough to use the iron sights but still allows me to attach an Eotech red dot. Is there such an animal and does anyone have any suggestions for places to get one?
  13. hkusp45

    adding a folding stock and pistol grip help!

    Sure, here's the link: http://www.mississippiautoarms.com/saiga-tromix-fixed-stock-with-pistol-grip-assembly-p-270.html
  14. hkusp45

    adding a folding stock and pistol grip help!

    Any problem using the Tromix or Ace Folder combos from Miss. Arms? They appear drop in with no mods. Keep in mind this project is really for my Dad who lives across the country from me. I'm trying to find the items for him as he isn't very handy so the conversion thing isn't very realistic.
  15. What's involved with adding a folding stock and pistol grip to a stock saiga? Are there any drop in units available and I could also use suggestions where to get the stock and pistol grip.