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  1. Jet says: "Since your profile shows your friends with Pauly,why don't you ask him where the parts are" and "I smell a shill account" Pauly has 124 friends
  2. "Shit has probably been seized by his landlord for non payment of rent." AND "Pauly doesn't have it in his possession to send back" Jet, what makes you say that? How do you know? Please substantiate your claim... "I don't care what state or jurisdiction you're in, a landlord can't seize any private property for non-payment of rent. all they can do is have you evicted, and take you to court. so don't go spreading a load of BS and rumor" - Matthew, good point as you are correct! And yes this is how rumors get started and we don't need anymore of that nonsense. Lifegard - Can y
  3. Not with the factory main spring. That thing can just about drive a nail in the wall. We have had a few light strikes with the older reduced power JTE main spring. That spring was discontinued and I have not had any issues with the newer JTE spring we sell. I already have the Tromix "Heavy Hitter" firing pin. Among many other parts I want to order from CSS, I want to order a JTE Performance Power Hammer Spring /Main Spring (sku: MAIN-SPRING), but both the CSS & Tromix websites say they are not compatible? Yet the above quoted statement seems to contradict that? Is it compatible? If n
  4. What is the difference between the two different style brake lock nuts? These are sold on CSS. It is not clear what the difference is between the two different style? Does anyone know? Have any experience with one or both pieces? I am trying to put an order together and I want to know a little about each one. Thanks, Shimaze RUSSIAN STYLE NON-RUSSIAN STYLE *pics are property of CSS*
  5. Got mine today, along with a piston and extra spring. There was some talk about being out of smoke covers, but mine came with the smoke cover installed like my other two did that I ordered from the Estore. Shimaze
  6. If I had to look at that ugly mug in the morning it would be killing me too! No wonder she wants to get rid of the second amendment - she is a afraid of being mistaken for a zombie! Any way, this is a MD Arms thread, not a ugly avatar thread! Just FYI: I just bought another MD20 directly from MD Arms new website! (01/12/2013 @3:05 am EST) www.mdarms.com That being said, what ever direction or path MD Arms has been on in the past, it appears to be headed in the right direction now! Thanks Mike! Shimaze
  7. Yes, thanks again for the forum and for this thread! I got one more MD20 drum myself. I was kicking my own @$$ for not getting more than 2 when the E-store had them in stock. I know have six 12 round mags and three 20 round drums! Is that enough for a zombie invasion? I did put a note in on my order for Mike to check in on the forum and say "HI" Good luck, Shimaze
  8. I picked a virgin / unmolested Saiga 12 (Сайга-12) at my local dealer (Target World) for $588. With tax, I left at $626. I bought the last one! I had my heart set on the Red Jacket Saiga 12 I saw the day earlier for $1200, but the Red Jacket was gone. I liked the Red Jacket because it was a semiautomatic magazine feed shotgun. I really did not know what a Saiga 12 was at the time, but the dealer said I would be better off with the stock version and modifying the gun myself. He was talking something about all this "making it legal" stuff which made me feel uncomfortable! So I walked out of the
  9. I have seen a similar scenario in the catfish pole industry where the owner seemingly goes AWOL. A small one or two man company made a very good product that everyone liked. But his company eventually sank to the bottom like a lead sinker. I hope this is NOT happening to Mike Adams: I am NOT saying this is happening with MD Arms, but I have seen a situation where a guy gets into niche market, produces a great product that everyone likes. Sales and reputation go thru the roof. Then they want to go "Big Time". So they expand too quickly or in the wrong direction, and then they go bust. To ma
  10. I picked up a couple of 20 round rounders from the E-store. Glad they had 'em stock! I wish I could have got at least 3 of 'em, But my wife says I don't need stuff like that! I just bought my Saiga 12 and I only have the one factory 5 mag. The $25 shipping was a little steep and the prices elsewhere is $100, but they are out of stock.
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