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  1. Sgm how would i get rounds stuck in my drum out? Can i unscrew the back cover? What would be the proper way to de-load the rounds without shooting?
  2. saw that. Was wanting to know how hard it would be to make a sagia or vepr take fal mags
  3. Does anyone know how hard this would be? Or if it could be done? Approx cost?
  4. Do you guys have these in stock? how much?
  5. with this brake work on the vepr 7.62x39 rifles? does it also hide muzzle flash?
  6. is the 30 round drum still a go? possible before the mag ban?
  7. is this for the vepr 12 or rifles?
  8. Any vepr mags comming before the possible ban? If i installed a bullet guide on a vepr, would these mags work? Do you guys have mags in stock for ak's if one installs a bullet guide in the vepr
  9. any updates or eta's stil in the works/possible be fore the hi cap mag ban?
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