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  1. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Captken" data-cid="866742" data-time="1361417676"><p> RWC Group is still showing a list price of $799.99 for the 109 S12. So if dealers are jacking the prices up, then it's them and not the importer.</p></blockquote> thats what i paid in jan. then my dad got one in feb. and got it for $699. i think there was a price tag mixup on his or something...
  2. 12gaugepitbull


    i agree with mister t. probably something you should convince a friend to buy and play with every once in a while. i wouldnt spend my money on it.
  3. mine screw bottomed out with the way they said to install it. tighten the plug itself 1 turn (all the way tight) amd try again. lean into the stock with the stiffest shoulder you can and try again. sounds like your gun needs a little more gas
  4. i just finished opening my gas ports up and appearently i had a 4 hole gun. i opened two of the ports and left the other two factory size. i also filed the gas block to show all four holes. my question is there is a LITTLE bit of burr in the barrel. will this come out naturally after a few shots or something worth filing out? also what would you reccomend for getting it out
  5. this helped me alot. i though i had a 3 port gun with 2 holes partially blocked. turns out i have a 4 port with 2 partially blocked and one fully blocked. i used a chain saw file to open up the big hole and opened 2 of the holes to 3/32. all and all not too bad but the short pin was not fun at all to get out
  6. if you cannot reliably eject low brass shells you are in no danger of damaging the gun by throwing the bolt back too far. the auto plug basically prevents that. you set it to the low brass and any pressure that exceeds what you set it to should be released into the atmosphere by blowing past the little spring you see. but it will not fix an undergassed gun.
  7. ok. i will be ordering one of those then. and ive been looking at those afgs for my ar. i guess i should get two. but i still dont understand why that company cuts the trigger off.
  8. so if i did the dizang trigger group and a handgaurd i should be in the clear 100%. does the choas quadrial replace the factory handgaurd or just cover it up?
  9. i just looked at dinzags site. why do they cut the trigger off the trigger block? i dont understand. maybe its cuz i just got off work. but i dont see why that is beneficial.
  10. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="GunFun" data-cid="861831" data-time="1360478329"><p> Dinzag sells a G2 for this purpose.<br /> <br /> Or you can modify a tapco G2. Do the G2 hammer profiling. Cut the trigger off of the trigger body and install it in place of the factory set. Use the factory "slingshot". I believe this would be treated as replacement of two parts, since you would still be using the foreign trigger itself.<br /> <br /> parts that are slightly easier to swap: puck, forend, "operating rod", floor plates on your OEM mags (not that you need to be compliant with the factory five as long as the rest of the gun is essentially in OEM configuration.)</p></blockquote> i thought the pistol grip and collapsable stock took it out of the oem configuration?
  11. yea i have the mag to be legal now. but i want to be able to use the factory one sometimes too. the big 12/20 mags are a little large for messing with in a middle of the night hd scenerio
  12. i thought i had the 922 r law licked. but apperantly i read it wrong i need to remove more russian parts. its there a trigger group that does NOT move it forward? how many parts that count does that remove? also a factory location us made trigger guard? ive got a us made gas puck, stock, door breach (muzzle device) and pistol grip. if i get a us trigger gaurd and group that keeps the factory location i should be good right? any input appriciated. i have us mags that i can use in the meantime to keep legal. but would like to be able to use the factory one too. thanks
  13. +1 run and gun. that was my issue. glad i got it straight before spending big bucks tracing an issue that wasnt the guns fault
  14. Its not that i dont want to. but if i didnt have to and it didnt make a difference i wasnt going to. i am on kind of a tight budget. Just checking onvif its worthwhile or not
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