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  1. hahaha! On that note I dated a Canadian chick in high school that believed someone when they told her water has calories. I still chuckle about that one. I did not date her for her intellect...
  2. I love how he delicately sprinkled the dirt on the AR.
  3. Holy shit. Theres a gun show this weekend in my neck of the woods and i was hoping for .75/round for AR ammo.... looks like ill have to be quick...
  4. Thats funny, I thought most of america didnt care for or need these guns.....
  5. Ill be busy at the gun show in Lynden.
  6. Let me know if your ever up in the PA area. We shoot in my Backyard up here! ... when there is no surf LOL I just wish I could watch just one conversion in person & then do the rest myself. It's like anything for me, I really want to do things right by learning from the pros. It really would be cool to attend a conversion workshop for Saiga Enthusiast. I do think I will pull it off. Just may take awhile & some patients from my family Thanks again for the inspiration. Whats the saying? Oh right, K.I.S.S.! Just watch the conversion video and do the S12 first. With the kit it
  7. Rhodes 1968 I could kiss you! Gun-Deals.com should be stickied!
  8. Really? Thats just a couple of bored high schoolers messing with people. Just remember, not to long ago PLANKING swept europe and the OZ by storm...
  9. Im a college student and ive dumped about 2K since the shit hit the fan for guns I didnt have and wanted but Im sooo happy I got my M4. Fuck my savings lol. If the misses gives you slack about it, just let her shoot your new toy and she'll forget she was ever mad. Just make sure you can buy ammo for the platform you choose. .223/5.56 is all but impossible to get right now...
  10. Dont mess with texas! Homeowner pulls a shotty on a theif during a daytime robbery and the theif submits until cops can get there. The couples security camera captures it perfectly. This is awsome and should be spread around! Oh the shotty also has a collapsable stock and pistol grip. So much for the evil weapon arguement! http://www.cnn.com/video/?hpt=hp_c3#/video/crime/2013/01/15/dnt-armed-homeowner-confronts-thief.ksat Sorry if repost, but havent seen this vid on here yet. Update: After viewing the video again, the home video was from someone elses house, not his (P
  11. Ammo is the big one (.22lr, .223, 5.56, hunting rounds, 7.62?). I have a folding stock on my S12. I would like to get a collapsable before theyre potentially banned. I would snag anything "tactical" including vertical foregrips, collapsable stocks, quad rails, and anything that can screw onto the end of your barrel. Basically, if theres something youd like to get in the near future, just go for it if its still reasonably priced. Oh and everthing that has anything to do with AR15s is damn near impossible to get for a decent price right now. My 0.02
  12. I have no idea how to fix that. All I can say is that your in the right place. These guys know everything about the S12. Anyone know if Pauly would be able to help with this if mike doesnt have the resources?
  13. haha YES. Even though they were blanks so I would piss myself laughing if i were there.
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