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  1. ATI makes polymer AK hand guard that fit my 5.45, .223, 7.62x39, and .308 rifles. Need to have AK gas tube and hand guard retainer from CSS or Dinzag. It fits pretty solid on all rifles and you have option of using rail sections or smooth inserts. It's also USA made for 922, BTW
  2. Item pictured by Sgt Raven is the Rifle Dynamics adapter. I forgot they were a forum vendor so did not post link. It's priced around 65.00. I think that is best option for using AR buffer tube setups. UBR stock should work with it. US Machineguns also has similar adapters as well.
  3. The magpul UBR stock uses its own built in proprietary buffer tube, so the Vltor or Command Arms AK tubes will not work. You will need to install an AK to AR adaptor on Saiga that has female threads for UBR tube. Some of these require cutting tang, some do not. UTG makes AK to AR adaptor @ $ 19.99 that doesn't require cutting tang. It's polymer and in my opinion rather ugly installed. Also makes awkward cheek weld. I bought one and installed/ immediately removed. I think Rifle Dynamics makes a bolt on adaptor, I'm sure a few others that don't require cutting tang. Otherwise yo
  4. Would 124 or 154 grain Tula be better overall soft point round for hunting deer?
  5. Thanks so much Chile. Sorry about photo, using camera on IPad, and its buggy.
  6. Head stamp hard to read even. It looks like 9 4 A. R. F Lot No. 7/94. Only Markings on Packaging: 7.62x 39 50 Rounds Non Corrosive LOT No. 7/94 Shelf Life 10 Years
  7. Anyone know source of this 7.62 x 39. Appears to be brass cased. Thanks Retry attachment
  8. Saw exact rifle today unconverted/restored in LGS for 899.00. What a bargain! They also had WASR 10 with tapco folding stock for 1099.00, and a a Ruger AR for 1999.00.
  9. Bear in mind I'm not complaining, mag is very well built and I'm very pleased with product. Just wanted a little input. Keep up the great work!
  10. It's wobbly on both axis. Thinking maybe mag latch tab could be built up a little bit. There is fair amount of play between tab and latch.
  11. Just got a few magazines for 308 from CSS specs. They fit a little loose in rifle but cycle snap caps fine. Some side to side wobble , is this normal? Thanks
  12. Thanks for info. Interesting about German import mark. This will be my second 223, also have converted/restored personally a 308, 2 7.62x39 and 2 12 gauge. Like I said, price was not bad, considering current events, just didn't care for seller BS. I should have investigated purchased rifle more, but was assured it was exactly like display. Box was still sealed in original plastic, tried to be optimistic. Ya'll know how that usually ends up. Aside from his BS, Seller had at least 10 more 223 nib under mine. At show he was asking 424 out the door, which given current climate/availa
  13. Long Time Listener, First Time Poster Picked up nib unconverted 223 Saiga at gunshow this weekend. My rifle circa 2009 has import marks in odd places, just curious if anyone had seen these before Russian American Armory Mark forward of magazine bottom of receiver. Etched import mark ROSJAGN on right receiver behind safety selector Seller pulled bait and switch, displayed rifle had mag dimples and clean old style RRA import marks, assured me everything in boxes below was same. Price was good, took him at word, still irritated at being lied to, my fault for not double checking
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