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  1. cac

    Typical Wait Time?

    Received my shipping email yesterday.
  2. I ordered Jan-13 and barely got my cc charged today. It was still in stock when I ordered though.
  3. cac

    Typical Wait Time?

    I ordered my SGL 12-07 on January 13. My card barely got charged today?!?! FFL sent in the correct information ASAP. Not sure why I got skipped over but glad that I will still receive one in the near future.
  4. cac

    Typical Wait Time?

    How do you figure this mistake and that it cost you $$$? Just curious.. It is rare that we have a firearm in-stock that was really out-of-stock. We also don't charge your card live, meaning that your card is only charged once the order is ready to ship from the warehouse. Not even an authorization hold. I ordered a gun from a company in December when the average price of a Saiga gun was around $700-750. I was waiting for this business to fulfill my order. They respond to my emails a couple of weeks later saying that they were out of stock and they had not updated their website. By this time
  5. I ordered one but they are still processing the order. Don't know if they will still be in stock by the time my order comes through.
  6. cac

    Typical Wait Time?

    I understand. I ordered a gun off of a website last month. Apparently the IT guy never updated the website and they were out of stock. That mistake has pretty much costed me a couple of hundred dollars now in today's market.
  7. cac

    Typical Wait Time?

    I just checked their facebook page sevenspeed. It looks like there are still orders from customers from late last year that have not been fulfilled yet. I know they have to be swamped with customers right now. They say UPS is doing multiple pickups a day on orders. I called them today and left a voicemail so hopefully they can give me an update next week or so. My status still says queued (ordered 1-13). Edit: I see on January 4th, they say allow 7-10 days for processing orders. Guessing ours is a little more time than that.
  8. Anybody have any experience on the typical wait time for processing an order? Thank you in advance.
  9. I sent an email regarding them (AofA) getting more Saigas in stock and they replied back "tough to say". Had to suck it up and just purchase one for more than I wanted to pay but you never know what the market is going to do. Wish I would have pulled the trigger years ago when they were $400.
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