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  1. ok i have 4 ports. .07in if the web site would let attach files i could take pictures
  2. it wasnt you. i wish it had been. that was the worst experience i have ever had with anything i have had done. i think his name was paul. russian or polish last name . maybe in oregon
  3. thanks guys. it was paul poliski or some thing like that did the polish work. boy that was a joke. here are some pictures.. at first what i was looking for is a gun smith recommendation. but with everyone's help maybe i can fix it. i have taken many different guns apart and did trigger jobs on them the first two in the sn # is 12 . so 2012. i bought it in 2013 i have the carolina shooters supply reliability kit. with the flat end of the plug to the rear the bolt polish job. and the bolt hold open is all ive done to it. i did put the factory plug back in it. still stove
  4. hello my saiga 12 is driving me nut. i have had the bolt polished buy the guy on here. sorry cant remember his name. i have got the carolina shooter reliability kit and gas plug. my barrell has 3 holes i can stick a paperclip in. with fiocchi 00 buck 1325 fps. and remington 00 buck 1320 fps my gun stove pipes on the most gas setting on down to the 1st. i ve stoned the bolt slides in the reciver. i am thinking about drilling the holes in the barrell bigger. i dont no. any ideas? is there a good gun smith that can send it to. thanks for you help and thoughts
  5. hello I have a gas plug reliability kit from CSS. how can you tell if your getting to much gas? thanks
  6. bydamn I got it.. thank you so much for your help
  7. great thanks, boy its gunna be a bitch to get that in with the bolt hold open and its spring
  8. ok so the long leg goes toward the front of the gun. and the trigger pin goes through the hole?
  9. I took my trigger group apart about a year ago. I cant remember how it went together. I cant seem to find any videos or info on the one I have, I have ayyached a picture of my pin retaining spring I think. anyone know how this is installed. thanks
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